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Thanks for looking at our farm.  It was hard to move off of our farm and harder to sell the property itself.  This farm started off as our hobby farm that grew into TC Farm.  TC Farm now works with about 15 small farms who supply the highest quality meat and eggs to over 500 member families via our CSA.  As a group, we also supply most of the pork for Lakewinds Natural Foods and Valley Natural Meats cooperative grocery stores and several high-end restaurants in town.

Why we moved

We had to move off of our farm when Betsy started teaching full time at the University of Minnesota.  She now runs the Marching Band and teaches several academic music classes. She often works 7 days in a given week, with meetings or classes early in the morning or late at night.  So commuting from the farm just wasn't an option like it would have been for a regular job. 

Opportunity for TC Farm

The new owners or renters have the option to raise meats or eggs for TC Farm. The current operation focuses on pork production. If you were interested in continuing this or raising other meats for TC Farm, we can provide a contract to support loan paperwork from FSA as we have for other farms in our group.

If continuing with the pigs, I would recommend purchasing the existing feeders and related equipment and also making some concrete and winter water improvements so that labor can be used a bit more efficiently.  With these improvements, someone should be able to raise 200-300 hogs per year with part-time effort. Each hog should profit at least $100 or so if buying feeders from other farms in our group, or more if you decide to farrow piglets on your own.  If desired, TC Farm can commit to buying all of the livestock.  

Myself, as well as other farms in the group, would be available for you to tour and collaborate with. 

Contact Info

Please feel free to call/text Jack at 612-217-1770

Or email:

The Property Itself

Our 23-acre farm is about 30 minutes west of the west metro, so there are a lot of people in the area who commute to town for work and it is convenient to bring products to a farmers market. 

We fenced-in about 15 acres with a field fence topped with electric fencing.  It is a 4' fence, but could easily be extended to 7' if you wanted to exclude deer. 

The house sits on about a 7 acre area, which has a pond in the backyard. Fruit trees and raspberries are established on a small scale.    Here is a link to the google map of the property.  It is 'L' shaped, the two houses in the SE corner of the image below are not part of our property. 

It has never been sprayed and could be certified organic if you wish.  The area east of the house and north of the pond has a nice south facing hill that would be ideal for fruit or vegetable farming. 


The home is 2001 construction and we've made several upgrades, including a whole-house reverse osmosis system to bring the cleanest drinking water possible and all new appliances. 

It has four upstairs bedrooms plus a bonus room over the three car insulated garage.  Two full bathrooms upstairs and on the main level a half bath, large kitchen, dining and living space. 

The heating/cooling system has three zones. With 3000 finished square feet, it is really nice to be able to turn off the heat in rooms when not in use. Another bonus is that the house is on natural gas instead of propane. 

The 1350 sqft basement is unfinished, but roughed in if you wanted another bedroom and bath.  It is a walkout, so it could be a great place to finish and rent out or use as a suite for another family member or seasonal farm helpers.  It also has built in storage shelving. 

To view more house photos,  click here

About TC Farm

Please browse our  main website and feel free to watch the video below we have made about why we started TC Farm and what it means to us now.  

If you're passionate about respectfully raised food, we'd love to have you as part of our group. 


We paid $400,000 for the property ten years ago and have made about $100,000 of improvements to the land, house, landscape and such. We'd prefer to transition the property to a farmer who can carry on our vision of the property and would be open to a $500,000 sale price or a comparable rental arrangement.

The equipment /tools we currently use cost around 100k and we'd be open to selling the lot for $65,000.  This includes a F350, skid loader, tractor, grinder/mixer, wagons, power tools, storage bins, shelters, feeders, etc. 

Purchasing some or all equipment is not required if purchasing the property, but would be required to use any of our equipment if you were renting the property.  (Basically, I don't want to rent our equipment and be financially responsible for someone else's use of it).