How Does It Compare?

The Best of Both Worlds

We've combined the best parts of traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and traditional grocery stores


No Compromises

We don't take any shortcuts when raising your food. Its a difference we are proud of and we think you and your family will love.


No Hidden Costs

Unlike big box stores or even heathy food stores, we are up front about exactly what it takes to raise your meat the right way.


"I have a hard time buying meat in the grocery store anymore because TC Farm tastes so much better. Getting the packages and opening them up is like Christmas."

How Does It Compare?

We grew up in Eden Prairie (NOT as farmers), we just wanted food raised without any shortcuts... that tasted amazing!  

Now that we get to set the standards, we're proud to say that our food is free of any shortcuts and full of pasture, organic grains, heritage breeds and hand crafted sausages, deli meats and ready to eat meals.

Each of our product pages has specific comparisons to what makes them unique. Read more on why:

What about buying in bulk?

Sometimes we are asked if we offer bulk subscriptions, like half a pig or a whole cow.  We don't anymore. While this can an economical option for some, our customized memberships offer a better value than a bulk purchase for almost every household. We explain in more detail on our FAQ page.

Cost Comparison

When we started our farm, we knew nothing about the retail food industry. We've learned a lot since then and have been continually surprised at how many ways typical grocery store food is made to appear cheaper than it really is.  

We've found a direct comparison is hard to make, but below are some examples.

** All these prices are before our member's discount options **

100% Grass Fed Beef

Our beef is priced about the same as the grass fed beef in the store. However, ours is a better value because it is dry aged, and thus contains about 10-20% less water than the beef you'll find in the store. So add about 15% onto their cost to compare.

100% grass fed and dry aged:

  • Ground beef:  $8.75/lb
  • Fajita Festival: $14.99/lb (tri-tip roast, hanger/skirt/flank steak)
  • Premium Steaks: $26.50/lb (NY Strip/Tenderloin/etc)

Read more about what makes our pasture raised beef unique.

Dry aged tri-tip roast: Heaven

Slow Growth Chicken

We started our hobby farm that grew into TC Farm because we were on a quest for the tastiest chicken. We searched and searched, but couldn't find anyone with an organic fed slow growth chicken.  Slow growth is required for really good flavor. 

After we raised our own, we were shocked at the difference. It was so much better. 

Store chicken often costs less than bread, that's just not right.  This is one area where we are much more expensive than the factory food available in the store. 

One of the things I love about our chicken is how many 'chicken breast only' families, we've converted over to enjoying thighs and drumsticks.  

If you've never had our ready to eat  Chicken Sous Vide drumsticks, you simply haven't lived.

Raised only on green pasture:

  • Whole Chicken: $6.25/lb
  • Cutup chicken: $10.20/lb (includes fresh boneless breasts and thighs plus lightly smoked and ready to eat drumsticks and wings.  No stockbones)
  • Stockbones: $2.75/lb  (makes AMAZING broth)
  • Pre-made double strength broth: $59 for 8 quarts.
  • Boneless breasts: $16/lb

Customize your order even more than what is shown on our signup page. Just let us know after you join if there are cuts you'd prefer to buy elsewhere OR just want to avoid for any reason.

Our amazing ready to eat Chicken Sous Vide drumsticks

Love how moist and flavorful our chicken breasts are

Pasture Raised Pork

Others may have 'pasture' in their name, but I was shocked to learn that almost nobody raises their pork on actual pasture. At best, they keep their pigs in a barn full of straw with big open doors, but never let them actually outside.

To be fair, truly pasture raised pork is really hard to do and takes a lot of time to care so much for our animals.

We're also one of the only farms using transition or certified organic grains for our pork. 

Our pork costs about $1-$2 more than those other conventionally raised, but otherwise 'happy' indoor pigs.  We think it is totally worth it...  if for no other reason than the amazing flavor. 

Try it out today by stopping into Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville!  

Heritage, Pasture Raised Pork:

  • Ground Pork: $7.49/lb
  • Pork Chops: $10/lb
  • Pork Roasts: $7.49/lb

Read more about what makes our no-soy pork unique.

You've never had pork chops like this before

Our smoked BBQ pulled pork: ready to eat!