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In general you will find that our food is about the same or less expensive than the factory organic meats in the grocery stores. Our food is going to be more expensive than conventional meats. Those are the majority of what you'll find, even at the natural food or co-op stores. There are a couple of notable exceptions like the Seward Co-op that sells Pork and Plants pork, which is raised outdoors and with an organic no-soy feed like our pigs. They do a great job, but buying direct from us is less expensive.

The main exception to being about the same price or less than factory organic is with our poultry. There is no way we can compete with the chicken factories producing about 250,000 birds per day in a single plant. Our processing costs are simply too high due to being smaller scale -- it simply costs more to properly care for birds raised on pasture than in a confinement operation.

Some of our more popular items

Not all items are included here. But this list contains a lot of our most popular items to help give you a sense of our prices.

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