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Posted on Nov 16, 2015 by Jack McCann
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Packages and Budgets

We’ll deliver packages up to twelve times a year. What comes in your package will vary depending on what meat is in season and any customization requests you’ve made. This means some packages may have more or less value than your monthly budget would seem to indicate. 

For example: if you requested ‘less chicken’, and a delivery was mostly chicken that month, you might receive less total product value than normal. However, the following delivery will likely be more beef or pork. You’ll also receive extra value to make up for the previous smaller delivery. It all works out.

When you signed up, you set a budget that is paid monthly (even if your deliveries are less frequent). Over the course of a year, you will receive the full value of your payments.

In all cases, the exact value of your package will change from month-to-month. If your budget indicated you “should” receive about $200 of value and we only had boxes that were worth $230 or more, you would receive $230 of product. The next delivery we’ll shoot for a target of $170 instead. Again, it all works out and we’ll let you know where things are at each month.

Amounts may vary slightly from month-to-month but it all works out


Not every delivery will have the exact percentage of a specific product you indicated. It is impossible to give you 8.5% chicken each month. Instead, we track what items you receive each delivery and compare the total with your preference when we decide what to include in the next delivery. It all works out.

Check out this article on how to make sure your family is receiving just the right meats every delivery. 

Cooking Tips

If you have a product you aren't quite sure what to do with, please check out our online cookbook.

If you cook a meal and it doesn't turn out fantastic, let me know and I'll help figure out what to adjust next time.

Some of our products are SO different than the factory items in the store, we have found it best to make some minor adjustments when cooking them. 

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