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Posted on Nov 24, 2015 by Jack McCann
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Feedback form

We’ve set up a feedback form where we want to hear from you. We view this group more like a cooperative of consumers and growers who are tired of shortcuts in our food supply. The more we hear what you like and what you maybe don’t, the better we can adjust and make it fit for everyone. Here are some specific things to pay attention to:

1. Broken seals

In the past we had some vacuum sealed packages that had broken their seals. This happens when being jostled around during delivery, but it can also happen sooner before they are stored in the freezer. These are safe to eat, but if it happens and the items are stored in our -10 deep freeze, they can become freezer burnt and not taste very good. There was a batch of roast beef where this happened more than normal. If you have this happen to you, please let us know on the feedback form so we can credit your account. We have adjusted our packaging and process to reduce the likelihood of this occurring in the future.

2. Boxes and Packaging

This year, we adjusted how our boxes are set up. We’ve made portion sizes smaller and added new boxes with more variety – especially for those with less frequent delivery. We also made it easier for everyone to request the specific boxes or items they WANT to receive each month. However, we know we could be doing more – please tell us your ideas about the types of boxes or packaging improvements we could be making for next year. If we were able to do an a la carte ordering by item, would you want that? What other ideas can you think of.

3. Spreading the word

What ideas do you have for growing our group? We’ve added a lot of new members over the years, primarily by word of mouth. As we grow, we’re able to reduce our prices since it lowers the proportional impact of fixed expenses (like delivery, storage, etc). When you talk with your friends, what are the questions / objections you hear? What can we do to make it easier for them (and you) to enjoy our one-of-a-kind food?

Let us know your ideas... we're listening! 

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