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Save over six percent !

Posted on Jan 21, 2016 by Jack McCann
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Last year we lowered our pork prices by 10%. 

This year we're rolling out member discounts across the board -- up to 6.25%! 

Every member will save. This is just part of our goal to lower the true cost of real food. 

At TC Farm, we invest more in food and less on marketing and logistics because we came to this as consumers searching for better food to feed our family, rather than as producers looking for a higher margin marketing opportunity. Check out this article I wrote about what makes our groups' prices unique.

We also understand resources are finite. The more economical we can make our group, the better for everyone. 

To that end, we're expanding some existing discounts and adding new ones:

Member Discount: 2.25%

Starting today, all members will receive a 2.25% discount on every meat delivery (custom orders excluded).

Every year our little group has grown considerably. This growth and other improvements lowers our logistical cost allowing us to lower prices and invest more into the food we love. 

No need to opt-in, If you subscribe for a regular meat delivery, then you are a member and already included!

TC Prime: 4%

(OK, I couldn't think of a better name, but at least 'prime' is a nice applicable food adjective!)

We're combining a few optional programs AND adding some new perks into a new TC Prime.
Simply make a $499 pre-payment / deposit and you'll earn:

  • An extra 4% discount on your meat deliveries
  • First chance to order our seasonal and premium offerings (Lambs, Turkey, Forest Hog, etc)
  • First chance at tickets for yet-to-be-planned special events (TC Farm dinner, taste testing, etc)

The $499 payment is NOT a fee, it is a pre-payment that is kept on deposit in your account. 

Learn more about TC Prime.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer discounts on eggs. I hope this will change someday; however, it has not been an option in the past.

True Cost vs. Their Cost

If we are able to grow our group again this year, we should be able to reduce our prices again in the near future.

So please help out and tell your friends about our group.  

This helps more than you might imagine! If everyone found a friend to join, I think we could expand the member discounts to by another 3-5 percent!

What do you think of these new discounts and program? 

What are your favorite things about TC Farm? 

What can you do to help spread the word about our group?

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