Picking Up Your Package

A few tips about what to expect getting your packages

Posted on Nov 17, 2015 by Jack McCann
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How do I pickup my package?

Pickup Schedule

To help you plan ahead, our pick-ups are generally on the same day each month (i.e. the second Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of the month) Each pickup site has its own pickup window for when you can pick up your package.

You’ll receive delivery notifications with details about your pickup starting about two weeks before each delivery. Usually pickups are available before 3pm, and we ask you pickup by 7pm -- just let us know ahead of time if you need to come later. 

Most of our subscribers put a recurring appointment on their calendars to remind them of their pickup dates. Let us know in advance if a delivery doesn’t work for you. It is usually easy for us to switch to a different day or month. If an emergency comes up the day of the delivery, be sure to call and tell us about it so we can ensure your package is stored in a freezer that evening. Often, it works out best for our subscribers to have a friend or neighbor pick up a delivery in those situations. 

Boxes, Eggs and Checksheets

When you arrive at the pickup site, find the checksheet. It will have your name on it and indicate how many boxes and dozens of eggs you are supposed to pick up. It should also let you know where to find those items. Look for the boxes with your name on it and take the indicated number of eggs and boxes. Please mark off your name so we know who came if there is any sort of mix-up or forgotten items.

Picking Up Your Order:
1. Find the checksheet
2. Find your name
3. Pickup the boxes and egg cartons listed for you on the checksheet
4. Mark that you received your order
5. Go home and enjoy your great food!

Egg Cartons

Rather than throw out your egg cartons, return them when you pickup your next month’s delivery. Be sure to stack your egg cartons with those returned from other subscribers so the host home doesn’t need to take the time to do so for you.

Missed Pickups

If you miss your pickup without any notice, we will try to store your package for you and coordinate another pickup time. 

A missed pickup without any notice could result in your meat thawing or spoiling which is the subscriber’s responsibility. Missing a pickup adds considerable labor for us and on our host homes.

Here is the current pickup site map

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