Baby Piglets

Posted on Feb 29, 2016 by Jack McCann
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Just a quick post to share how amazing it is to watch new piglets.

"They" say that one can't allow mother pigs to freely roam during birth.  Almost every sow in this country is confined to a small crate without enough room to even turn around.  That is where she labors, births and then nurses for two weeks until the piglets are taken away.  

They say this image below is impossible because that the mother won't know how to care for her piglets and can't be allowed to farrow in a natural environment. 

yet... Here we are again with 10 healthy piglets born in the middle of a Minnesota winter. No heating system, no confinement, no gestation crates, no gestation huts... just a good mother caring for her new babies -- 100% of whom are warm, safe and nursing well. 

Last summer we had 6 sows farrow and from them 60 piglets weaned. It sure is fun watching the 'impossible'.  

If we as a society would stop trying to save a few pennies by pushing animals to their limits, we'd all be able to marvel in nature itself. 

Take that industrial food complex. You are wrong yet again.    

Free Range Farrowing In Winter pasture born piglets

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