Easter Eggs

Posted on Mar 27, 2016 by Jack McCann
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Here are some of our favorite images of eggs and hens... plus a few great egg recipes at the end too!

Spotted green chicken egg

This is one of my all time favorite eggs... We have a few hens that lay similar eggs, they are just a cross of various different breeds throughout the generations. So fun to see what nature has hidden for us!

Pasture Raised Egg Comparison

Pretty shells aside, we all know it is what's on the inside that counts!

Pasture Raised Eggs in Straw Nest

Collecting eggs can be so serene...

pasture raised organic eggs

This is what WE call free range color...there are many other types of 'free' range eggs that we don't care for so much.

hand gathered pasture raised organic egg

It is best to have a helper when hand gathering eggs!

Egg art fountian Easter Egg Circle

The range of colors heritage chickens have is amazing. 

Double Yolk Egg

How many of you have received a double yolker from us?

hens on green pasture raised organic eggs

Our eggs are deep orange in the growing season because the hens are actually on GREEN growing pasture. Hens raised on dirt 'pasture' don't lay as healthy or orange colored of eggs. 

Here are some favorite organic pasture raised egg recipes!

Learn more about pasture raised meats!

Here is an article about how pasture raised organic meat and eggs are healthier for us.

Of course we have more information on our website about what makes all of our products so special:

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