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Posted on Jul 14, 2016 by Jack McCann
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The only background Betsy and I had in this farming thing was that we loved eating good food.  Since we had a hard time finding anyone raising all the types of food we wanted without taking some sort of shortcut, we went and started our own farm. (!)

We needed to learn a lot of things to make TC Farm happen. One of them was learning about how everyone is so diverse with their food preferences.  How could we make a group like ours work while still making sure every one received just the products their family enjoyed?  We're always trying hard on that last point!

Our members get to review their recommended packages for each delivery and adjust them if they'd like something different.  Member Tip: The more you tell us what you'd prefer, the better we'll get at our recommendations in the future. 

Want to customize your delivery even more than what our sign-up page offers?  Check out our post about the ways you can adjust TC Farm to fit for you! 

Below are some examples of the new packages we're adding for this year, with many more to come.  

Warm and Serve Meals

Our Sous Chef items have been quite a hit. We all get too busy to cook as much as we'd like.  Having the ability to come home to a quick organic meal has been amazing for our family. 

Before, you could only get Sous Chef items in a package with all Sous Chef items.  Because of the overwhelming support from other members, we'll now be peppering them throughout our other packages.  Want fresh chicken breasts and thighs, but would love for the wings/drumsticks to be perfectly smoked and slow cooked?  How about smoked and sous vide'd ribs and fresh pork chops?  Here are a few examples of the packages you'll be able to choose from:

"Just My Favorite Item"

We know some of you will appreciate the packages with more variety in them and smaller portion sizes.  However, others want a box of just their favorite sausage, brat or cut of fresh meat. 

We've expanded the 'just my favorite' item packages. It has grown into quite the list. Here are some to check out:

We're always looking for ways to meet your family's needs and provide healthy, ethically raised, delicious food you can trust.  We're excited about our new offerings and ALWAYS want to hear from each and every one of you about what would work best for you, too!

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