Lower Rates of Heart Attacks on a Higher Fat Diet

Posted on Aug 23, 2016 by Jack McCann
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Once again... new 'old' study data shows that patients on a special diet of less saturated fat and more vegetable oils suffered more heart related deaths than those on a higher saturated fat diet.  This data seems to have been withheld for 40 years because the lead researchers (right here in Minnesota) found that the data in such a comprehensive study (over 9000 patients) was disproving their original 'theory' that saturated fats caused heart disease and replacing them with a low fat or with unsaturated fats would increase health.

“Had this research been published 40 years ago, it might have changed the trajectory of diet-heart research and recommendations” said Daisy Zamora, a researcher at UNC and a lead author of the study.

If only they had a released this data, it could have saved two generations from being mislead by their 'guess' on what was causing heart disease.

"...about a quarter of the patients remained on the diet for a year or longer, and why such an apparently well-done study received so little fanfare is mystifying to some."

Now: Time to go eat some pasture raised pork chops with cream sauce!

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