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Posted on Dec 28, 2016 by Jack McCann
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More eggs, please?

If you've joined us in the last seven or eight months (or tried to increase your egg deliveries) you already knew that we were limiting the eggs each member could order.  With two growing children of our own, Betsy and I know how great it is to have GOOD eggs! 

We are happy to announce that for 2017, we will have more eggs available for our members.  Simply visit our form to increase the number of cartons of eggs you get each month. Or just let us know on the form you use to make changes for your monthly deliveries.

Still no new egg-only subscriptions...yet

We still don't have enough eggs available where we can begin to offer new egg-only subscriptions again.  This is something we really want to do since it is a great way for new people to be introduced to our farm.  Maybe later in the year, we'll see...

Share TC Farm with your friends

Looking back over the last 10 years, we are amazed how much impact this group is having to our local environment, members and the now 20+ very small farms in the TC Farm family. 

Every year, we've been so grateful for all the recommendations members have made to their friends, co-workers and family.  Your recommendations are the reason we've grown and improved our group so much over the years. THANK YOU!  

This is the time of year to share about TC Farm and help nudge your friends towards a healthier (and tastier) life.  What great timing, now that new members can order up to 10 dozen eggs per month! 

It is really helpful for our 2017 season planning if we know who our new members will be sooner in the year.  

Thanks for spreading the word!

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