Our Cows Don't Eat Skittles

Yes other farms really do this

Posted on Jan 22, 2017 by Jack McCann
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You might have heard about this traffic accident that took place in Southern Wisconsin last week.  A truck filled with feed for cows overturned and spilled the feed all over the road.

The spilled cow feed was Skittles.  

Red skittles, to be exact.  Covered the road.  

While the skittles helped with traction in the icy conditions, the fact that they were being used as feed for cattle took a lot of people by surprise.

Not us.

Yes, farmers DO use candy for feed

We wrote an article about this just about a year ago titled Grass Fed No More.  The dirty little secret is that the USDA AMS (agricultural marketing service) has dropped their labeling requirements about what constitutes "grass fed".  

Things like conventional fruit waste, cotton gin waste and candy have been long-standing staples of the feedlot 'grass fed' industry.  These are all foods that farmers can (and routinely do) offer up to their "grass fed" cows.

Not TC Farm

It should go without saying that when we talk about our meats being the highest quality, most ethically raised around, that means we don't feed our cows candy.  (shakes head)

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