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We LOVE getting back egg cartons!

Posted on Mar 31, 2017 by Jack McCann
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Jack originally wrote about this a couple years ago but since we have members write us and ask about this from time-to-time, we figured this was a good time to brush off the cobwebs and get this article out there again!

When Betsy and I started our hobby farm that grew into the TC Farm group, we got 30 chicks. On her birthday. And she wasn't so excited about this whole animal adventure at the time, so I didn't really get the accolades for that gift that one might expect. Darn.

30 chickens in your basement as a birthday surprise may seem like a LOT of chickens for a family to have. However, they really don't lay THAT many eggs. But: everyone else 'knew' that we had an excessive amount of chickens and gave us millions of egg cartons to help out.

For years the demand for our eggs well outstripped our supply, so many of our members had to supplement with store-bought eggs, all the while saving those egg cartons for us. As a result, every delivery we would get back more egg cartons than we dropped off!

And thus our egg carton empire grew and GREW. We had SO many cartons.

A large percentage of our basement was full of egg cartons!

Now our egg carton empire is crumbling

Those glory days of having mountains of egg cartons are but a distant memory. Now, every delivery we drop off perhaps a thousand dozen eggs. But:we don't get back nearly a thousand cartons to reuse.

I know sometimes the cartons get dirty. We don't need those back or we might accidently reuse them if we don't notice. So just recycle any dirty ones.

But if you happen upon a clean egg carton (be it from TC Farm or somewhere else), we'd love if you'd save them, stacked up and then drop off at the next TC Farm delivery.


  • Only return clean cartons from any farm
  • Only return cardboard/paper cartons
  • Open and then stack the egg cartons so they don't take up too much space at the host site.
  • Recycle the others

Thank you!!

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