August mushrooms

Soooo good - and good for you

Posted on Aug 13, 2018 by Jack McCann

August Mushrooms

0.5 lb of King Trumpet
0.5 lb of Large Shiitake

NOTE: Due to the last minute change, our August box will have 1 pound of mushrooms @ $23.20/box.

The trumpets are great whole if you Sous Vide them like this or cook stems separate to make these mushroom 'scallops'.

We are going to batter and fry our Shiitake to pair with aioli and a maple chili sauce.


Please note that we will be skipping September's mushroom CSA.  Mushroom CSA members will have their scheduled payment reduced by $30.  Our website probably will NOT display this correctly, but the payment will be reduced unless you order extra items. 

Join the CSA

If you aren't already a mushroom CSA member, join today!

Typically, this box is designed to include about $30-$35 worth of bulk retail product and will vary by the season. Buying mushrooms in bulk like this saves a ton of packaging and thus money over the typical 3.5 ounce containers in the store.

The price is per box, not per pound.

We recommend clicking here to join the mushroom CSA so you can reserve the mushroom boxes each month.

Storage and Cooking

Mushrooms provide a unique opportunity to add umami to almost any savory recipe, while also adding the tremendous food power they contain. Mushrooms are rich in micro-nutrients, protein, anti-oxidants and many vitamins – including many being a source of Vitamin D. So you have in your hands what can be a transformative ingredient – especially because these aren’t white buttons or portabella.


All mushrooms need a moist environment to maintain their freshness. Store all mushrooms in a refrigerator with a damp towel on top - Never seal in an airtight container. You can put something on top to keep the towel from drying out too quickly. You can dry them if you can't use it all right away.


A good general rule for all mushrooms is to pan roast them before adding them to any recipe. In giving them a good brown in a medium-high pan, it concentrates the flavor, and cooks out the water so they are ready to add to a recipe. After browning, add some butter, salt and pepper to taste. Cook all mushrooms a minimum of 7 min. to avoid GI disturbance.

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