August Bread

These breads are life-changing

Posted on Aug 13, 2018 by Jack McCann

Wow. I am so excited to have the Heritage bread on a regular basis!

Chef Johnathan is used to making smaller batches.  In fact we had to limit our TC Farm order to just 50 members because 150 loaves is the max that their kitchen can make at one time.

Texture Update For August

You may not be aware, but the loaves are a sourdough, naturally leavened bread. This makes for a healthier and tastier bread. However, the fermentation process is really critical to getting just the right texture. They need to manage the yeasts so they grow at just the right rate at just the right times in their multi-day baking process.

They had never made 150 loaves at once before, and the timing on this first batch was a bit off. So the loaves are not quite the texture we had hoped for. I tried one of the ‘tipsy fig’ loaves and it was pretty good, but it was a bit denser than others I have had.

Johnathan seemed to know exactly what to adjust to get the fermentation just as he hoped for next time, so I’ll really be interested to hear your comments on if you notice a difference in September or not. Also, which was your favorite? Maybe some of you will prefer this August loaf better?


This month I decided to include three different loaves to sample:

  • Everyday white: This loaf is a simple sourdough sandwich bread. It is made with an white flour from our heritage wheat. Use it pretty much for everything.
  • Birdtown: This loaf is probably my favorite. I told Johnathan that too often I stop and realize that I have just eaten $5 worth of bread as a ‘quick snack’ and he said "you probably shouldn’t be eating half a loaf at once!" -- I just can’t help it sometimes! The bread is whole wheat with organic sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, poppy and flax.
  • Tipsy Fig: This is great with some butter or jam if you want a sweet treat. The organic figs are marinated in a red wine and the bread is whole wheat.

Bread storage

Keep your loaf on the counter in a plastic bag or bread box. If you aren't going to eat it right away, then just keep them in the freezer until use.

Bird town (above)

Please let me know your favorites now and in the future. Next month, I plan to include the white again and mix up the others. I can’t wait until I can send the chocolate cherry: it is FANTASTIC with chili.

Signup for bread

If you aren't already a bread CSA member, we recommend clicking here to join join the waitlist so we can get you an email once more bread is available!

We expect to double the bread share offering in a month or two once we have the logistics all figured out. So if you are already on the waitlist, you should get some bread soon!

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