City Pickup Locations Canceled - Now direct to address on file

Posted on May 30, 2020 by Jack McCann

First, we want to acknowledge the loss that our community and many, many individuals have experienced this week. Sadly there are no words and nothing we can do to make it better in the immediate moment.

We need to ensure the safety of our members while ensuring we have food delivered to everyone during a time of great need and sorrow.

All June pickup sites in or NEAR Minneapolis and St. Paul are closed

Impacted deliveries will be made direct to the address on file

Be SURE to verify your account has the correct address

What to do immediately

If you are scheduled to pickup in an affected area, we have emailed you detailed instructions.

1) Read that email ASAP

2) Verify the address in our system is correct. If it requires an update, you MUST log-in and update your address by Sunday. (click here)

3) If you do NOT want a home delivery:

a) Change to a suburban pickup location


b) Skip the delivery this month by clicking the skip button

4) You MUST make any changes by Sunday or the delivery will be sent to the address on file

What to Expect

Your home delivery will occur between June 10th and 12th.

We will update you with more details once we get the routes created on Monday. Look for another email by June 6th.

We will drop off your items in a reusable foam cooler. Please SAVE this cooler and return for reuse.

We can not take any special requests due to the sheer volume of deliveries.


A home delivery costs us between $25 and $30 extra.

For those forced into a home delivery, we understand many of you have smaller orders and the regular $19 fee doesn't make a lot of sense.

We are discounting the delivery for those forced to a home delivery. We hope sharing the cost at $9.99 seems fair to you.

If this doesn't work for you, please move your pickup to a new location or skip the delivery by Sunday.

While we personally grieve for the losses this week, know that we're also working really hard to get food to everyone during this difficult time.

Please help us by ensuring your delivery is correct by Sunday.

Thank you for your support.

We look forward to enjoying our city, restaurants, lakes, neighbors and all of the people of our great community again soon.

To change your pickup location or skip the delivery, Log into the portal and look for the area to make the change (see image below)

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