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So many turkey options for our members

Posted on Oct 21, 2020 by Jack McCann
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Whatever You Are Making, We've Got Something to Help!

Not everyone is going to have the same kind of get togethers this year. Whether you are cooking up a traditional family feast or scaling things back this year, TC Farm has got you covered.

Members who are logged in to the TC Farm portal can add any of the items on this page to their November delivery by clicking Add to Delivery.

If you are not a member or not logged in, you won't be able to. If you click "Add to Cart", it might look like something is happening but nothing is happening.

Whole Turkey

This year, TC Farm raised female broad breasted whites - similar to how we raise our Cornish Cross chickens. This means they are slower growing and have a better flavor.

  • Typically range from 10 - 16 pounds
  • Pasture Raised
  • Organic Feed

The whole turkeys we offer come in two sizes - medium and large. The large whole birds are greater than 13 pounds. The medium ones are less than 13 pounds -- usually between 10-13 pounds.

Smoked and sous vide turkey - All the Goodness, None of the Stress

We are super excited to be able to offer our crisp and serve sous vide turkey as an option this year. The portion size is great for people having smaller gatherings. Or, if you aren't sure that the bird you have will be enough, this is a fantastic way to make sure you have enough (extra!) of your favorite type of turkey!

Turkey Wings - Smoked

4.65 lbs avg

Box 397

Sous Vide Wings

Six of our amazing smoked and sous vide turkey wings - warm and serve!

To prepare, simply thaw and sear the skin to crisp up in a buttered pan or over a hot grill. 

The only ingredients in this are turkey and salt. We followed our own recipe to make these -- learn more here.

This is a flat rate box, weights will vary

Turkey Breast

Ground Turkey Breast

5.15 lbs avg

Box 389

Pasture raised and organic feed!

five packs of our ground turkey (~1lb ea)

This is made with only the breast meat, so lower fat than a mixed grind.

This is a flat rate box, weights will vary

Because not all recipes call for the parts you imagine...

Turkey Gizzards

1.2 lbs avg

Box 383

Pasture raised and organic feed!

One package of TC Farm Turkey Gizzards ~ 4 per pack

Turkey Liver

2.2 lbs avg

Box 385

Pasture raised and organic feed!

2 packs of TC Farm turkey liver - ~ 1lb each

This is a flat rate box, weights will vary

Don't forget the stuffing!

Just Italian Sausage

5.29 lbs avg

Box 177

Pizza or pasta night!

  • Classic Sweet Italian sausage

These are raw and need to be cooked. They may be 100% pork or a mix of beef and pork. one pound packs, thaw in a bowl.

This is a flat rate box, weights will vary

Click here to view ingredients


1.5 lbs avg

Box 800

Enjoy the best wild and wild crafted products of the season!

Each month we include the very best of wild and wildcrafted mushrooms 

For August, our mushrooms will be Lion's Mane and King Trumpet.

We will be aiming for around 1.75-2 pounds total. 

This article wouldn't be complete without linking to our famous McCann stuffing recipe!

Make your own!

Some turkey tips to help with cooking:

From a couple years back, our Bourbon Reds hanging out with our Red Ranger chickens.

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