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Smokey Eggplant Baba Ganoush

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: recipes, vegitarian, 09-07-2021

Why make baba ganoush when you could make hummus? Here is a recipe that just might become your favorite appetizer

Eggplant, Kale & Zucchini Summer Pasta

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: sides, vegetarian, recipes, 09-07-2021

The perfect pasta to ensure that none of the local, organic veggies in your produce share go to waste!

Sweet Napa Cabbage with Bacon

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: Recipes, sides, salad, 09-07-2021

A seasonal favorite paired with a classic topping

Easy Refrigerated Pickled Radishes

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: Recipes, vegetarian, Newsletter, 09-07-2021

We missed having real pickles around and our last produce delivery had a bit more radish than we wanted on fresh salads.... So we made these super easy pickled radishes and enjoyed them on burgers, brats or just by themselves!

Pasta Carbonara with Green Beans

Posted by Betsy McCann | Tags: recipes, pasta, bacon, eggs, 09-07-2021

This is a very quick, easy, and satisfying meal for any time of year.

Green Beans a la Shawn

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: sides, recipes, newsletter, 09-07-2021

Shawn (3) said he wanted bacon and green beans, but the bacon had to be crispy, not too fatty. Here is the result. Simple, yummy and nutritious.

Sauteed cabbage and peas

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: recipes, side, vegetarian, 09-07-2021

Simple easy side dish.... I can't believe how good fried cabbage is, I mean its just cabbage!