Featured Sampler - Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner - A delicious sampler for any time of day

This month, we are featuring one of our favorite samplers - Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. A little bit of something for any time of day, whether you are making some bacon for breakfast, sausages for lunch or brats for dinner, we've got you covered.

Have you ever wanted to try out TC Farm meats for yourself? Make meals you can be proud of. Treat yourself to our Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Sampler.


  • 2-3 packs of our hickory long smoked bacon


  • 6 pounds of assorted brats and sausages  

To place a one-time sample order, simply fill out the order form below and we'll include the Breakfast Lunch and Dinner sampler along with our other member items. With over 40 pickup sites across the metro area, it is easy to find one close to your home or work. Orders placed through the end of June will be delivered with our regular member deliveries in July.

"Your meat is amazing! Our family loves the quality and taste. We feel good about eating it and giving it to our kids."

About TC Farm

TC Farm is just about an hour West of the Twin Cities.

For over seven years we’ve been raising the best meat and eggs for our several hundred members.

Each month, we deliver farm-fresh meats and eggs to nearly four dozen pickup locations throughout the metro area.

All of our meat is pasture-raised with wide open spaces. Our beef is 100% grass fed and we only use transition or certified organic grains for our pork and chicken.

In our sausages and ready to eat meals, we use organic spices, real hickory smoke and never synthetic nitrates or binders.

Learn more about our pork, beef and chicken.

There are wide windows for pickup times -- click the map to see the times when you can pickup at the site nearest you