Featured Sampler - Picnic Platter

Picnic Platter - Back to school (or work) sampler

This week, we are featuring one of our best back to school samplers:  Our Picnic Platter! 

Have you ever wanted to try out TC Farm meats for yourself? There's never been a better time.  If you order before September 8th you can get it for 30% off the normal sampler price!

To place a one-time sample order, simply fill out the order form below and we'll include the Picnic Platter sampler along with our other member deliveries September 12-14. 

With over 40 pickup sites across the metro area, it is easy to find one close to your home or work. 


Don't worry!  We wouldn't exclude you from this great offer. If you want to take advantage of this back to school special, please:

  • Check out below using your credit card and we'll view the purchase as an 'add-on' order 
  • If you already had this package scheduled for September, by default we'll add-on another package for you with the extra savings built in. Just let us know what you'd like in the comments or I'll pick something I think you'd enjoy and send you a confirmation email you can review to adjust if you'd like. 
  • Tell your friends to try it too

Notes:  Please, one promotion per household. This special is available only through this web page, not as part of a normal monthly delivery. 

"Your meat is amazing! Our family loves the quality and taste. We feel good about eating it and giving it to our kids."

About TC Farm

Each month, we deliver farm-fresh meats and eggs throughout the greater metro area.

All of our meat is pasture-raised with wide open spaces. Our beef is 100% grass fed and we only use transition or certified organic grains for our pork and chicken.

In our sausages and ready to eat meals, we use organic spices, real hickory smoke and never synthetic nitrates or binders.

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There are wide windows for pickup times -- click the map to see the day of the week you can pickup at the site nearest you.  These locations on the map are approximate, you'll receive an email with specific instructions for pickup.  It is super easy!