What Makes Our Grass Fed Beef So Good?

What Makes Our Grass Fed Beef So Good?

It Takes Time to Pasture Raise Beef

Beef was one of the hardest thing for us to get right. We knew we wanted grass-fed beef that was rotated daily onto fresh pasture. We needed a slower growth breed that would marble well without corn. We toured lots of local farms and taste tested. What we found was that raising grass-fed beef is really hard; even if a farmer is doing everything right, the end result might not make the cut.

Getting it right took time. Frankly it was an art.

100% Grass Fed Beef

We started off selling bulk purchases like most farms, but we found that most people don't like every cut that comes with an eighth or quarter cow. Those bulk packages appeared cheaper, but they also included a huge percentage of liver, oxtail and bones that were usually wasted, or worse tough dry cuts that result in a disappointing meal.

There are good reasons why these cuts aren't sold in grocery stores; why should you be forced to buy them just because you're doing the right thing buying direct from a farmer?

As a member, you choose which of the amazing cuts your family enjoys.

TC Farm Is Better

Click the images below to learn what makes our grass fed beef special.

  • Tender Dry-Aged Beef

    100% of our beef is dry-aged.

    In the store beef is almost always wet-aged. This makes the meat watered down with about 10% extra water content (not such a great value).

    Learn more: Tender Steak
  • Slow Food = Flavor

    Others engineer things to raise beef as fast and cheap as possible.

    We take the opposite approach. We rely on heritage genetics and farming practices that have stood the test of time.

    Learn more: Slow Food
  • Actually Grass Fed

    Grass fed means our beef is fed hay, pasture, minerals and water. That's it. Exactly what you'd expect.

    You'd be surprised to learn what the industry feeds and still counts as "grass fed".

    Learn more: True Grass
  • No Drugs

    Others might routinely use antibiotics to make up for for cramped and unsanitary conditions. They may also sell 'hormone free' meat, but then secretly use other growth drugs.

    Yeah. That's not for us. Not at all.

    Learn more: Clean and Healthy
  • Rotationally Grazed

    We take care of our farm by regularly rotating where our animals graze.

    This actually builds topsoil and can act as a carbon sink (which is great for the environment.)

    Learn more: Local Matters

Learn more about our standards and what sets us apart here.

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All Beef Sausages

6 lbs average

Box 140

Our favorite sausages made with 100 percent beef

About 6-7 pounds of 100% beef sausage including:
  • Summer
  • Smoked Brats (caseless)
  • Hot Dogs  (caseless)
  • Pepperoni 
    And more

Steaks and Burgers

8 lbs average

Box 201

Great for cooking inside or out

4 pounds of dry aged steaks
3 packs of 1/3 pound burger patties 

Four patties per pack, 12 total. Steaks are individually wrapped (tenderloins are two to a pack) Sirloin butt 'flap' steaks are great for fajitas

Grill Time Beef

8 lbs average

Box 202

A great mix of steaks and burgers

  • 2 tenderloin steaks 
  • 2 strip steaks 
  • 1 chuckeye or sirloin steak
  • 3 pounds of ground beef
  • 2 packs of 1/3 pound burger patties

Four patties per pack, 8 total. Ground beef is 1 pound per package. Steaks are individually wrapped (tenderloins are two to a pack)

Roasts and Beef Box

11 lbs average

Box 203

Dry-aged, grass-fed chuck roasts and ground beef. If you've never tried dry-aged chuck before, it's kind of a big deal...

2 arm or chuck roasts
5 pounds of ground beef

Ground beef is 1 pound per pack

Just Steaks

4.04 lbs average

Box 205

These are amazing
Dry aged and well trimmed

May include:
  • ribeye
  • strip
  • chuckeye
  • sirloin
  • oyster
  • tenderloin


Not every package will have every steak listed, Most tenderloins are used in the Just Tender Steaks box. Package size may vary from 3-5 pounds. All steaks individually wrapped, except tenderloins which are 2 to a pack

Beef Roasts

9.5 lbs average

Box 206

Dry Aged Chuck Roasts

~3 dry-aged roasts

May include both Chuck and Chuck Arm Roasts

All these roasts come from the chuck primal, Chuck-Arm roasts are best cooked long and slow like a pot roast. Whereas, Chuck-Chuck Roasts may also be cooked faster.

Ground Beef

6.18 lbs average

Box 207

Dry-aged, grass-fed, slow-growth, pasture-raised. Delicious.

6 pounds of ground beef

six packs, one pound each

Beef Patties

6.5 lbs average

Box 208

Our ground beef, pre-made into individual patties, just for you. Comes in packs of 1/3 pound beef patties.

~6.5lbs of burger patties

1/3lb each, four per pack

Steaks and Beef

9.1 lbs average

Box 209

Steaks come individually wrapped

3 ribeye steaks
2 sirloin steaks
5 pounds of ground beef

Ground beef is 1 pound per pack

Some of these include a oyster steak instead of regular sirloin (technically an oyster steak is known as bottom sirloin butt flap) -- The oyster was requested by several customers so we added it in... but the State of MN in their infinite wisdom made us label it in a weird way that nobody would ever recognize the name.... don't get me started about working with the state on labeling.

Just ignore their label if you get that package and know that is really is just an oyster steak.

Rolling Beef Roasts

8 lbs average

Box 210

Looking for a leaner beef roast? This is your box!

2-3 dry-aged, grass fed beef roasts

Lean rump roasts, wrapped in netting

Some of these boxes are smaller, more like 5.5lbs


8 lbs average

Box 211

Whole untrimmed, 100% grass fed and dry aged brisket.

A whole untrimmed brisket

If the briskets are smaller, we may include 2 packages per box. Some of these packages vary in size -- could be up to 11lbs

Fajita Festival

6.1 lbs average

Box 212

My favorite beef roast, plus great steaks

1 tri tip roast
1 skirt steak
1 flank steak
1 hanger steak
2 fajita sliced round steaks
may have a flap steak or two if available

Some boxes may not have every steak listed and some boxes are notably larger due to the variation in steer sizes.
Check out these cooking tips for the roast

Fresh Short Ribs

7 lbs average

Box 214

English Style

2 fresh short ribs cut with the bone

Korean/Flanken style short ribs are box #220

Texas Ribs and Steak

7 lbs average

Box 215

A favorite. Slow smoked ribs with organic sauce and an amazingly tender ribeye cap steak.

  • 2 slow smoked beef texas style loin ribs
  • 2 packs of tenderloin (two personal sized steaks per pack)
  • 1 ribeye cap steak

For rib cooking instruction, click to view our Sous Chef page.

These are smaller cuts of steak. The ribs are slow smoked with organic sauce, simply warm and serve. The ribeye cap steak is a specialty cut and the tenderest steak with more flavor than a tenderloin. It is a thin steak, so please either sous vide at about 128-132 or watch your temp closely if grilling.

Just Tender Steaks

4.06 lbs average

Box 216

The Premier Steaks

- Tenderloin
- Ribeye cap steaks

If you are not familiar with ribeye cap steaks, they are better than tenderloin. Thin like flank steaks with great flavor and the tenderest steak. Not every package will have a ribeye cap steak as there are only a few per steer.

Beef Jerky

1 lbs average

Box 217

Our Organic Spiced Jerky is Out of this World

Wow - you HAVE to try this.  Our jerky is long smoked with organic spices.  A treat for any time of day.

It might be a bit spicy for kids or those who are sensitive to spicy food. 

In 0.25 pound packages.

Just Sirloin Tip

6 lbs average

Box 218

A lean flavorful roast

2-3 sirloin tip roasts

This box usually just has 2 roasts, about 3 pounds each, but could be more like 8lbs in some boxes.

Soup's On!

6.5 lbs average

Box 219

The beef version of our Soup's On package...

3-5 packs of trimmed beef soup bones

(2-3 pounds per pack)

Korean Style Short Ribs

6 lbs average

Box 220

AKA Flanken Short Ribs

Fresh short ribs cut across the bone, Korean / Flanken style. 

English style short ribs are in box #214

Whole Ground Beef

6 lbs average

Box 292

Ground beef with liver

Believe it or not, this box was created due to popular demand.  

6lbs of whole ground beef with about 3% emulsified beef liver content

Why you ask? Well.... liver is super good for you. It adds a ton of essential vitamins and minerals that are really hard to find in other plant or meat based products.

Check out this article I wrote about the importance of adding liver to your diet.

Adding 3% to ground beef won't negatively impact the flavor. In fact, many families tell us it tastes better.

Lean Ground Beef

6.5 lbs average

Box 293

at least 93% lean

6lbs of lean ground beef

This is made from our leaner steers and choosing just the best cuts to make lean ground beef with. 

You'll want to use a non-stick pan or cook into a chili with leaner beef.

Some TC Farm Grass Fed Beef Recipes