What Makes Our Grass Fed Beef Different?

What Makes Our Grass Fed Beef Different?

It Takes Time to Pasture Raise Beef

Beef was one of the hardest thing for us to get right. We knew we wanted grass-fed beef that was rotated daily onto fresh pasture. We needed a slower growth breed that would marble well without corn. We toured lots of local farms and taste tested. What we found was that raising grass-fed beef is really hard; even if a farmer is doing everything right, the end result might not make the cut. 

Getting it right took time. Frankly it was an art.

No Low End Cuts = Better Value

We started off selling bulk purchases like most farms, but we found that most people don't like every cut that comes with an eighth or quarter cow. Those bulk packages appeared cheaper, but they also included a huge percentage of liver, oxtail and bones that were usually wasted, or worse tough dry cuts like rump or round roasts that result in a disappointing meal. 

There are good reasons why these cuts aren't sold in grocery stores; why should you be forced to buy them just because you're doing the right thing buying direct from a farmer?

The amazing thing is that when we ran the numbers, it turned that out buying in bulk like this was actually more expensive for our members. 

A Better Way

Unlike others, we don’t include any of the low end cuts in our fresh meat deliveries; we use them in much better ways. That way those cuts never wind up being thrown out or ruining an otherwise perfect meal. Instead we pull out our favorite recipes and artfully cook, smoke and sous vide to make the most amazing organic sausages and ready to eat meals.

As a member, you choose which of the amazing cuts your family enjoys.  Learn more how it works here.

100% Grass Fed Beef

We offer the following dry aged beef:

  • Ribeye steaks
  • Strip steaks
  • Sirloin steaks
  • Filet steaks
  • Marbled chuck roasts
  • Texas style ribs
  • Spare ribs
  • Briskets
  • Ground beef (1 lb. packages)
  • Hamburger patties 
  • Smoked ribs (with our sous chef meals)
  • Smoked brisket (with our sous chef meals)
  • Short ribs with gravy (with our sous chef meals)
  • Liver, suet and other organ meat (by request)

TC Farm Is Better

Click the images below to learn what makes our grass fed beef special.

  • Tender Dry-Aged Beef

    100% of our beef is dry-aged.

    In the store beef is almost always wet-aged. This makes the meat watered down with about 10% extra water content (not such a great value).

    Learn more: Tender Steak
  • Slow Food = Flavor

    Others engineer things to raise beef as fast and cheap as possible.

    We take the opposite approach. We rely on heritage genetics and farming practices that have stood the test of time.

    Learn more: Slow Food
  • Actually Grass Fed

    Grass fed means our beef is fed hay, pasture, minerals and water. That's it. Exactly what you'd expect.

    You'd be surprised to learn what the industry feeds and still counts as "grass fed".

    Learn more: True Grass
  • No Drugs

    Others might routinely use antibiotics to make up for for cramped and unsanitary conditions. They may also sell 'hormone free' meat, but then secretly use other growth drugs.

    Yeah. That's not for us. Not at all.

    Learn more: Clean and Healthy
  • Rotationally Grazed

    We take care of our farm by regularly rotating where our animals graze.

    This actually builds topsoil and can act as a carbon sink (which is great for the environment.)

    Learn more: Local Matters

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Some TC Farm Grass Fed Beef Recipes