What Makes Our Grass Fed Beef So Good?

What Makes Our Grass Fed Beef So Good?

Truly Pasture Raised Beef

We knew we wanted grass-fed beef that was rotated frequently onto fresh green pasture.

We needed a slower growth breed that would marble well without corn or the sugars and food waste grocery store 'grass fed' beef are fed on their feedlot.

We toured lots of local farms and taste tested. What we found was that raising grass-fed beef is really hard; even if a farmer is doing everything right, the end result might not make the cut.

Getting it right took time. Frankly it was an art.

100% Grass Fed - Bulk Orders

We do offer bulk orders, but we have found most families prefer to pick and choose the cuts they like best.

For those looking to save a bit on their grocery bill, we offer up to a 7.5% discount on our smaller packages. This is about the same as a bulk order without the downsides of buying a quarter of a steer at once.

Regardless your preference, be SURE to order a sampler pack from your farm of choice before filling your freezer. You can do that online with us without any commitment for a future order. That way you can taste test our beef before making a large order.

By the way, those bulk packages appeared cheaper, but they also included a huge percentage of liver, oxtail and bones that were usually wasted or not enough included if your family enjoys those items.

The other big advantage of TC Farm is that we offer a wide variety of sausages and deli meats made with our beef. When ordering bulk, you'd be unable to get such a variety of amazing organic deli items.

As a member, you choose which of the amazing cuts your family enjoys.

TC Farm Is Better

Click the images below to learn what makes our grass fed beef special.

  • Tender Dry-Aged Beef

    100% of our beef is dry-aged.

    In the store beef is almost always wet-aged. This makes the meat watered down with about 10% extra water content (not such a great value).

    Learn more: Tender Steak
  • Slow Food = Flavor

    Others engineer things to raise beef as fast and cheap as possible, cutting corners that continually surprise me to learn about.

    We take the opposite approach. We rely on slower growth and healthier food.

    Learn more: Slow Food
  • Actually Grass Fed

    Grass fed means our beef is fed hay, pasture, minerals and water. That's it. Exactly what you'd expect.

    You'd be surprised to learn what the industry feeds and still counts as "grass fed" (hint, it isn't grass).

    Learn more: True Grass
  • No Drugs

    Others might routinely use antibiotics to make up for for cramped and unsanitary conditions. They may also sell 'hormone free' meat, but then secretly use other growth drugs.

    Yeah. That's not for us. Not at all.

    Learn more: Clean and Healthy
  • Rotationally Grazed

    We take care of our farm by regularly rotating where our animals graze.

    This actually builds topsoil and can act as a carbon sink (which is great for the environment.)

    Learn more: Local Matters

Learn more about our standards and what sets us apart here.

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Favorite Sample Packs

Give some of these a try today and see what you've been missing.

Strip Steaks and Burgers

$99 $94.05
5.5 lbs avg

Box 201

Great for cooking inside or out

  • ~2.5 lbs of dry aged NY strip steaks
  • 2 packs of 1/3 pound burger patties 

Four patties per pack, 8 total.

Just Steaks

$125 $118.75
4.58 lbs avg

Box 205

These are amazing
Dry aged and well trimmed

May include:
  • ribeye
  • strip
  • chuckeye
  • sirloin
  • oyster
  • tenderloin


Not every package will have every steak listed, Most tenderloins are used in the Just Tender Steaks box. Package size may vary from 3-5 pounds. All steaks individually wrapped, except tenderloins which are 2 to a pack

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box. They are labeled as the minimum weight of 4.25lbs, most boxes weigh more.

Beef Roasts

$79 $75.05
8.54 lbs avg

Box 206

The ultimate pot roast or BBQ beef

  • 2-3 dry-aged beef roasts

Roasts are around 3-4 pounds each.

All these roasts come from the chuck primal, Chuck-Arm roasts are best cooked long and slow like a pot roast. Whereas, Chuck-Chuck Roasts may also be cooked faster, consider our amazing saffron stew recipe.

Ground Beef

$58 $55.10
6.45 lbs avg

Box 207

Dry-aged, grass-fed, slow-growth, pasture-raised. Delicious.

  • 6 pounds of ground beef (1lb ea)

Thaw in a bowl in the fridge or in a bag in slowly running warm water. I actually like to thaw by cooking in a pan, crisping up the outside and then cutting it off with a spatula until it is all cooked. Yum.

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box. They are labeled as the minimum weight of 6lbs, most boxes weigh more.

Beef Patties

$69 $65.55
6.9 lbs avg

Box 208

Our ground beef, pre-made into individual patties, just for you.

  • Twenty 1/3 pound hamburger patties (four per pack) 

1/3 pound each, four per pack. Thaw ahead of time or just throw on the grill or pan frozen. Easy!

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box. They are labeled as the minimum weight, most boxes weigh more.

Steaks and Beef

$125 $118.75
6.9 lbs avg

Box 209

Summertime grilling!

  • ~3.5 pounds of steak (~75% ribeye center cut and ~25% sirloin)
  • 3 pounds of ground beef (1 lb ea)

Some of these include an oyster steak instead of regular sirloin -- The oyster steak was requested by several customers so we added it in.

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box. They are labeled as the minimum weight of 6.5lbs, most boxes weigh more.

Fajita Festival

$89 $84.55
5.94 lbs avg

Box 212

My favorite beef roast, plus great steaks

1 tri tip roast

plus some or all of the following steaks
  • skirt
  • flank
  • hanger
  • fajita sliced round steaks
  • flap steak (sirloin bottom butt) 
  • sirloin

Some boxes may not have every steak listed and some boxes are notably larger due to the variation in steer sizes.

Check out these cooking tips for the roast.

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box. They are labeled as the minimum weight of 5.75lbs, most boxes weigh more.

Beef Jerky

$39 $37.05
1 lbs avg

Box 217

Our Organic Spiced Jerky is Out of this World

  • 4 packs of jerky (0.25 lb ea)

Wow - you HAVE to try this. Our jerky is long smoked with organic spices. A treat for any time of day.

It might be a bit spicy for kids or those who are sensitive to spicy food.

Beef Soupbones

$29 $27.55
6.35 lbs avg

Box 219

Rich and Healthy

  • 2-4 packs of trimmed 100% grass fed beef soup bones

(2-3 pounds per pack)

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box. They are labeled as the minimum weight, most boxes weigh more.

Whole Ground Beef

$58 $55.10
6.45 lbs avg

Box 292

Ground beef with liver

  • ~6lbs of whole ground beef with about 3% emulsified beef liver content (1lb ea)

Why you ask? Well.... liver is super good for you. It adds a ton of essential vitamins and minerals that are really hard to find in other plant or meat based products.

Check out this article I wrote about the importance of adding liver to your diet.

Adding 3% to ground beef won't negatively impact the flavor. In fact, many families tell us it tastes better.

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box. They are labeled as the minimum weight of 6lbs, most boxes weigh more.

Looking for something else?

Click to the 'shop' page and search by the cut you're looking for or request a custom package once you join.

Some TC Farm Grass Fed Beef Recipes