Heritage Bread

Short summary:

Option 1 - 20% off: Join as a TC Farm member and get bread AND 20% off your first pasture raised meat package for January. Use coupon bread2019

Option 2 - Bread only: Complete the form below to place a one-time order for bread delivered in January.

Betsy and I started our hobby farm almost a decade ago because we wanted the best tasting, healthiest and most respectful food.

I love to bake bread. I always thought I was pretty darn good at it -- in fact I even have a hand crank flour mill to grind my own wheat for making bread. However, I found out that my bread making skills pale in comparison to Jonathan Kaye's.

We stumbled upon his bakery just up the street from our house and our life hasn't been the same since. Our family usually stays away from store bread because we only want organic grains and sourdough.

I've talked many times with Jonathan, and I can assure you his passion for quality food is second to none. His entire process is simply idealistic and it shows!

I recently shared my favorite loaf at a party. Multiple people commented 'hey, I am eating plain bread with NOTHING on it and it is fantastic... the best I've ever had'. I spent the entire evening explaining where the bread was from and why I was so excited about it.

I can't wait to share it with you! We normally only offer this for our members but ANYONE can order for our January deliveries.