Pasture Raised Organic Fed Turkey

We are excited to announce that we have turkeys available for our November 2019 delivery.

This year we raised some female broad breasted whites - similar to how we raise our Cornish Cross chickens - slower growing and better flavor. For the first time, we have enough turkey to offer it for the general public!

But hurry - we expect to run out well before Thanksgiving and would hate to see you miss out.

Some things you should know about our turkeys:

  • Typically range from 10 - 15 pounds
  • Pasture Raised
  • Organic Feed

At TC Farm, we don't have some birds raised outside for marketing purposes and others raised another way. ALL of our animals are pasture-raised and cared for with the utmost respect all of the time.

You’d be surprised just how many birds sold even at natural food stores can’t say this. Well birds can't talk, but... you get the point.

Our Bourbon Reds from last year hanging out with the Red Ranger chickens.

How to order

Current Members
Log into the portal and add the Thanksgiving items you'd enjoy directly to the November delivery.

One Time Order
If you only want to order a turkey (and are willing to miss out on all of our other amazing food) select that option in the form below

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Stuffing and Gravy

Pro tip: Use the recipes we've posted here

Be sure to add these items to your cart too!

  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Heritage Wheat Sourdough Bread Cubes (with organic herbs)
  • Mushrooms (We will include Maitake and Nebrodini this month - a 'Umami bomb' that is essential for the perfect stuffing!)

Don't forget the chicken stock.