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Tell us about today's delivery

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: feedback

Part of the deal with the Early Access program is that we need to hear from YOU about how things went. We've put together a short survey - please take the time to let us know how things went! Thanks!

Our First Early Access Produce Share!

Posted by Jack McCann

Our first delivery to the early access group was today! At this stage, our main goal is to make sure we deliver fresh quality produce while we start our local growing season. We want to be ready for the summer! Please keep us in the loop during the early access so we can keep refining and improving our delivery and the items included.

Cooking Sibley Squash

Posted by Jack McCann

So you got some Sibley Squash. Now what do you do with it? Squash for a week of pies! Or freeze it for easy winter dishes. Learn more.