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Recipes and more for the March 10/11 delivery

Posted by Jack McCann

Delivery is this week, read what to expect and check back later in the week for even more recipes.

The March 10/11 delivery includes ALL your food

Posted by Andrew Koss

Just a super short reminder: Remember that all of your normal TC Farm food (meats, eggs, etc) will be included in the March 10/11 produce delivery to your home. Be sure to make any changes in the member portal by midnight on Sunday night.

Recipes, info and survey for February 24/25 deliveries

Posted by Jack McCann

This delivery we will be adding another group of early access members. The deliveries will be on the 24th and 25th. We've sent you a message letting you know which day your delivery is. Read the post for details, recipes and the survey.

Who wants a giant squash next week?

Posted by Jack McCann

One of the great things about the early access produce CSA is you get a chance to get in on some special treats. If you want us to include a giant squash in your delivery next week, just let us know by Sunday, February 21st. (The form is in the article!)


Posted by Jack McCann

Its time to enjoy those avocados or put them in the fridge for longer storage

Delivery - February 10

Posted by Jack McCann

Some information about what's included in the second delivery plus cooking tips and more

Thoughts About the First Delivery

Posted by Jack McCann

One the things we’re dedicated to is full transparency. I wanted to share some of my thoughts about the first delivery and answer a couple questions that came up!