Recipes, info and survey for February 24/25 deliveries

What's Included + A Peek at what's to Come!

Posted on Feb 22, 2021 by Jack McCann


  • Members living east of 35W or those living in SW or NE Minneapolis will get their food on Wednesday, February 24.
  • Members in Minneapolis in the North Loop or just south or west of downtown as well as all others outside of Minneapolis AND west of 35W can expect their delivery on Thursday, February 25.

Plan on leaving your cooler outside for us to pick up by early morning or the night before.


As a member of Early Access, we are sending you a package of produce every other week (will move to weekly later this spring).

Our member portal will NOT list the February 24/25 delivery on it*.
Online you will see your regular March TC Farm delivery.
We will add the produce box to your March delivery later in the month to reduce confusion.

The cost of the February 24/25 delivery will be added to your TC Farm account and charged March 1st along with your regular March items.

* We plan to update the member portal soon so you will see all the deliveries online and manage them. We will be looking for our early access members (you!) to help us test it out before we roll that feature out to everyone! Yeah!

What to Expect

We've been debating and re-arranging what to include for this delivery (too many good ideas to fit all in one package!). To make room for some of the cool local foods we've found, we are moving our planned white chocolate-parsnip combo (to make an amazing soup) back one delivery - that will now be included on March 10th or 11th.

For now, our plan for the upcoming delivery is:

  • Dutch Moon yellow shallots -local
  • Blueberries - eco paper packaging
  • Red beets - local
  • Celeriac - local
  • Spagetti squash - local
  • Yams, garnet
  • Bok Choy**
  • Pinata Apples
  • Another citrus fruit (tangelos, cara cara, and/or a Meyer lemon)
  • Grapefruit - Rio Star (blueberries were not available at the last minute, so we added these)

** We ran short on the Bok Choy so for some people we'll be substituting baby bok choy. You'll get the same weight, just a few more pieces. Can be used the same way

As always, everything is organic.

I suspect that as we move to weekly deliveries, we will focus a bit more on fruits and snacking veggies. We also have probably included a bit too much food in the packages so far, but we also get you aren't receiving a package every week (yet) too!

Also, if you haven't yet, consider adding the giant squash to your February 24/25 delivery, especially if you didn't get one a few weeks ago.

They make really great soup and we only have a handful left.


Below are the recipes and articles featured in the printed sheet as well as a few more (click images). Please remember to fill out the survey below, Thanks!

With our yams, we made sweet potato fries with a smoked paprika garlic aioli, it was pretty good. I typically roast sweet potatoes at a lower temp than regular potatoes (around 375ยบ)

I will update the blog soon with a post about how my deep-fried celeriac went, and if it wasn't a disaster, I'll make a recipe linked below too, wish me luck!

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