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Posted on Mar 31, 2021 by Jack McCann


We're adding several new early access produce members in April and I wanted to share a little more about what we're thinking based on the feedback we've received.

Please comment below and let us know your thoughts to help us refine our plans. Your feedback is super helpful to ensure a smooth rollout of the Produce CSA when it launches for everyone later this year.

We are looking to experiment with some different packaging options later this spring, so please provide feedback on that. Our main goal is to get to as much reusable packaging as possible (with the exception of the paper bags) AND to ensure your food is stored safely and arrives fresh. However, we also recognize that foam coolers are large and not ideal for everyone -- stay tuned.

April Schedule

April 7 and April 8: Produce Only Delivery

  • A dozen new members added. Your delivery day may change to accommodate this.
  • Includes some organic microgreens from Becca, one of our produce farmers. Here is a link to her bio (more on Becca later)
  • We will deliver a smaller package this week with an increase in the ready to eat fruit and veggies per our discussion last delivery.
  • You will NOT see this delivery online in the member portal
  • It will NOT include any other TC Farm items you ordered in April (those will arrive April 20th - 22nd)

April 20 - 22: Produce + Your Other TC Farm Items

  • Plan on a delivery day change - Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
  • This is the start of the early spring season - look for a bunch of fresh foods from Becca and others.
  • You will see this delivery online
  • This will include your full April order
  • Start of weekly service - login the day after your delivery and update your next order.

April 27 - 29: Produce + other TC Farm Items

Going forward, simply order what you want each week

  • You should have the same delivery day from the previous week
  • We might add some level of customization to this week's produce delivery - ideally some level of portion customization
  • You should be able to log in the day after your previous week's delivery and adjust future orders to add on nearly any other TC Farm items you want (though you won't be able to add eggs yet)
  • The cutoff for changes will depend on your delivery day. Best to make changes for the next delivery within a day or two after each delivery (more details later)
  • Plan on being charged for this order the day after the order change deadline (more details later)

May - Early June Schedule

May 4-6

  • Plan on a delivery day change - Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday - should stay the same for May
  • As we are able, we will roll out more customization options throughout May - not to the item level
  • Continue to order weekly for your desired items
  • We will offer our normal monthly recommendations once a month, but you are welcome to add-in any other week and as always remove any recommended items you do not want

May 11-13 and May 18-20 and May 25-27

  • Continue the same weekly schedule as before
  • One of these weeks will be your 'normal' TC Farm recommendation that you're used to, adjust as you see fit.
  • Chance of a delivery day change on the 25th - 27th for some members

June 1-3 - Memorial Day week

  • Plan on your delivery being shifted back one day either a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (just for this week due to the holiday)

June 8-10

  • Start of the official season, all produce members need to take the core produce package every week through October or use one of their three skips.

Ideally by the end of June we have a full weekly dairy offering as well...

Were You Just Added to the Early Access Group? Read on!

For those of you who haven't yet received a produce package, here are some key things to know:

  1. Plan on your regular TC Farm April order also being sent direct to your home as the schedule details above.
  2. Through October, you'll receive free home delivery as a thanks for helping us with the Early Access and overall produce program.
  3. Currently most produce packages are $35 - $40, but as mentioned above, look for some portion size and other customization options to appear shortly
  4. Save and return your coolers (consider putting a brick or rock on top of your cooler to prevent it from blowing away on windy days.)
  5. Make sure your address stays correct - Click here
  6. Let us know via email if you have any special delivery requests for our drivers

You are helping us get the produce deliveries right -- which means it won't be perfect right now. We want to hear want is great and what we can do better on so that together we can build an amazing connection from our farmers to our members.

Take some time to read the older produce blog posts - there's just so much good information in there!

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