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September 21 - 23 Delivery

We've got lots of local produce for this week's box!

September 14-16 Delivery

There's a great mix of summer and fall items in this box!

September 8-10 Delivery

Tons of local produce including early-season apples!

August 31-September 2 Delivery

We've got some great produce planned for this upcoming delivery - find out more.

Aug 24-26 Delivery

More exciting local produce included in this week's produce share.

Aug 17-19 Delivery

Local Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes and more this week!

August 10-12 Delivery

Lots of local produce this week including corn!

Farm Profile: Sin Fronteras

See behind the scenes of Sin Fronteras Farm in this 2016 documentary by the NY Times.

August 3-5 Delivery

More local produce this week!

More about this week's delivery + Plums

This week's delivery didn't hit the mark. We go into a little more detail about why. And start a conversation about changing the food system.


In this week's produce box we have sweet cabbage from Twin Cities Green Farm.

July 27-29 Produce Delivery

We got some great stuff planned for this week! Cabbage, garlic, mangos and more!

July 20-22 Delivery

Lots of local tomatoes for you this week!!

July 13-15 Delivery

We got some great stuff planned for this week! Romanesco! Tomatoes! More! Read on!

July 6-8 Delivery

There's an exciting mix of produce for this week!