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June 29 - July 1 Delivery

We've got a great mix of produce for you this week!

June 22-24 Delivery

More LOCAL food in this week's box!

June 15-17 Produce Box

We have an interesting mix of items for this week's produce box!

June 8-10 Delivery

Check out what we've got planned for our June 8-10 delivery. (Fun new items mixed with staples for the week!)

June 2-4 Delivery

Exciting new items for this week's delivery!

Storage Tips

Tips for storing your produce!

May 25-27 Produce Box

Interesting local items for this week's box!

May 18-19-20 Produce Box

New items in this week's produce delivery!

May 11-12-13 Produce Box

Fresh local greens and items to grill

May 4-5-6 Delivery

Locally grown produce included in this upcoming delivery - find out more.

Produce CSA Launches for Everyone Soon!

We've been busy throughout the winter and spring getting ready to launch our Produce CSA. We've got an update for all TC Farm members who signed up to be a part of the Produce CSA. What we've done. The timeline for getting ready. How it's going to work. This post is both for people on the early access program and everyone who signed up for the produce CSA! Learn more!

Wash those greens

Finally, some real greens from a real local field! Just a reminder, these greens aren't from a giant monoculture in California, you may need to wash some of them.

April 27-28-29 Delivery

We've got some great food planned for this upcoming delivery - find out more.

How to set up Future Deliveries

Starting this week, produce deliveries will be weekly. You can add other TC Farm items to your weekly deliveries. Find out more about how to make changes to upcoming deliveries.

April 21st - 22nd Delivery

In the April 21st/22nd Delivery, you'll be getting your Early Access Produce Delivery for the week plus any of the other TC Farm food items you ordered for April. Read more about the produce items.