How Our CSA Works

What You Like

Let us know your favorite foods and how often you cook.


Made Just for You

Customize as much as you want.
More of what you love.
None of what you don't.


Set a monthly budget

Pick an amount that fits you and your family. We'll suggest something but you pick the amount that fits you.


Change Any Time

Make changes any time. If you want more or less of something: no problem! Change your monthly budget, too!


How Our CSA Works

Our easy-to-use sign-up tool makes joining easy.  Sign up any month of the year!

As a new member, you choose: 

  • What types of meats you want to receive
  • How much your family typically eats
  • How much you want to spend

Only want specific cuts? As a member, you can customize even more after joining; we can accommodate most requests.

Don't eat meat or cook often? No problem! Choose how often you'd like a delivery and/or skip any delivery you'd like. 

Make Changes Anytime
You can always update the amount you spend and the types of foods you receive. Help us ensure you are getting exactly what is right for you and your family.

Minnesota Meat CSA Deliveries easy as 1-2-3

We've been getting TC Farm for over a year now. We're in love. It's so easy to customize or add to our order. The quality and the ethical production of the meat make it a no brainer for our family. The customer service is superb.

How Deliveries Work

With dozens of convenient pickup locations, it is easy to find one that is near your home or place or work. 

We make deliveries once a month. Each delivery usually has at least $79 worth of meat to ensure you get a nice variety. 

Those who eat less than $79 of meat per month will simply receive a package less frequently. We will deliver extra food the first month so you have more variety and then skip a month or so until your payments catch back up. 

Oh, and you'll still get those amazing eggs each month if you'd like!

Our Recommendation
Every delivery, we will recommend a mix of product based on the preferences you've set. We also take into account the season, never recommending steaks in January for example. 

Your Choice
Each member then chooses to:

  • receive our recommendation
  • skip the delivery entirely
  • make changes to the items we've recommended

The more you let us know which items you prefer, the better our recommendations will be next time!  

Easy Pickups
Pickups are easy, with wide windows of time to get your food since it is kept nicely frozen in heavy duty coolers or deep freezers. We have always been able to accommodate last minute change requests. Want to learn more about pickups? Click here or on the image below to learn more about how easy pickups from TC Farm are. 

Our members agree: A TC Farm subscription is easier than the grocery store and supports your healthy lifestyle choices.

All of our pickup sites are homes or businesses. The map will will show the nearest intersection within a block or so for home sites.  We don't like displaying their home addresses on a public map.  Don't worry, we'll share the exact address for the home sites when you join!  We hope you understand that we value their privacy as well.

"I love that TC Farm allows my family and I to eat great tasting, nourishing meat without worrying about how it was raised. It’s fresh, local, healthy, and humane. I love that peace of mind."