How TC Farm Works

TC Farm is a cooperative style group of farmers and families who want the very best food. Each member sets their own budget and preferences so that we know what food to raise for their household.

As a new member, simply select items for your first package and then let us know what you think your average budget will be.

Don't worry, you can skip any delivery and customize each order.

We've been getting TC Farm for over a year now. We're in love. It's so easy to customize or add to our order. The quality and the ethical production of the meat make it a no brainer for our family. The customer service is superb.

About Pickups

With dozens of convenient pickup locations, it is easy to find one that is near your home or place or work. If you'd like to host at your home, let us know!

Easy Pickups

The items you've ordered will be in a box with your name on it and a neighbor will host the pickup on their porch. No need to knock or greet anyone. In fact, please don't. :)

Just grab the box with your name from the cooler and be on your way.

Typically your pickup is available anytime in the afternoon through evening, no need to coordinate a specific time since everything stays nicely frozen in our coolers.

Learn more about pickups here.

Watch A Pickup

All of our pickup sites are homes or businesses. The map will will show the nearest intersection within a block or so for home sites. We don't like displaying home addresses on a public map. Don't worry, we'll share the exact address for the home sites when you join! We hope you understand that we value their privacy as well.

Will my food fit in my freezer?

Yes! For most of our members spending less than $300 per month, each package should fit easily into a normal freezer. It begins to get a little trickier for those spending $400 or $500 per month.

A typical monthly delivery will take up less than one cubic foot of freezer space and most of the bacon or sausage type items can be safely stored in your refrigerator.

For those with larger memberships, we recommend a small chest freezer. They can be as small as 2' x 3' and cost $200. Most people find they are a good investment for more than just our subscription.

Does the food stay cold before I pick it up?

Yes! Our deliveries are dropped off in large, insulated coolers that keep your package safe even in the warmest months. They stay frozen well past the recommended pickup window if you are running late that day.

What if I can't make my pick-up time?

If you are unable to pickup on the regularly scheduled day and a neighbor can't stop by for you, we've always been able to make alternate arrangements that work well. Some locations can even hold your package for you. Just let us know.

Do I need to meet anyone at a specific time?

No. Pickups are self serve for your neighborhood and avalable most of the day and into the evening. Just stop by and grab the box with your name on it. Checkout the video above to see how easy it is!

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"I love that TC Farm allows my family and I to eat great tasting, nourishing meat without worrying about how it was raised. It’s fresh, local, healthy, and humane. I love that peace of mind."