Fine Food
Sustainably Raised


What started as our family's hobby farm has grown into a collective of Minnesota farmers dedicated to raising the highest quality food for hundreds of families.

All of our animals are raised in natural living conditions, treated with care and respect.

We Offer:

Pasture raised eggs, Organic-fed chicken, 100% grass fed beef, no-soy grass fed pork, heritage turkey, Organic spiced sausages, No sugar deli meats, Warm and serve meals.

No Shortcut Food

Clean, Healthy Food

  • No dyes to make our egg yolks look darker
  • No feedlot 'grass fed' beef being fed industrial food waste
  • No growth drugs
  • No conventional feed with chemicals / GMO
  • No overcrowded dirt lots others call 'pasture'.

Instead, we insist upon:

  • Free choice transition or certified organic grains
  • Lush green pasture
  • Well cared for animals
  • Respect for the environment

No Chest Freezer Needed

We offer monthly pickups to over 70 locations throughout the Twin Cities metro area! Every delivery we suggest a package chosen specifically for your family. Change or skip your order anytime!

Right For Your Family

Ifyou care about delicious food, your health, protecting the environment or respectful food, our products are right for you.

Learn more about us, how it all works and ways you can help us sustainably farm without any compromises!