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We are MN farmers dedicated to raising the highest quality food

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Pasture Raised | Organic Non-GM Feed | Respect

The Most Ethical Food In MN

Finding good food should be easy

Frustrated by misleading food labels?
Is your farmers' market selling factory meats

Does shipping food with loads of styrofoam feel like a waste?

Do you want your family to benefit from truly healthy food?

Do you want to help our local MN environment, lakes and streams?

Together we can make a difference

TC Farm Is Easy

We Proudly Offer

Pasture raised eggs

Organic-fed chicken

100% grass fed beef

No-soy grass fed pork

Heritage turkey

Organic spiced sausages

No sugar deli meats

Warm and serve meals.

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Clean, Healthy Food

We started our farm because even natural grocers sell food made with unsettling shortcuts.

TC Farm is Transparent

  • No dyes to make our egg yolks look darker
  • No feedlot 'grass fed' beef fed GMO sugar and industrial food waste
  • No growth drugs of any sort
  • No conventional feed with chemicals / GMO
  • No overcrowded dirt lots others call 'pasture'.

We insist upon

  • Free choice transition or certified organic grains
  • Lush green pasture
  • Well cared for animals
  • Respect for the environment
  • Full transparency with published standards

No Chest Freezer Needed

Monthly pickups to over 70 locations throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

Every delivery we suggest a package chosen specifically for your family.

Change or skip anytime!

Right For Your Family

If you care about delicious food, your health, protecting the environment or respectful food, our products are right for you.

Ready for the best food?

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Trusted By Over 700 Families

I love TC farms. A good variety of quality meets and totally customizable to your budget and taste. Meat that has been humanely treated and cared for. Not only that it actually tastes like meat used to taste. They have excellent customer service too. You will fall in love with the smoked wings!!! I highly recommend TC Farms.

- Sue (Edina)
Ethical treatment of animals. Top quality feed for their animals. Healthier meats for your family. You won't regret switching from whatever you're buying now.

- Marcel (Chanhassen)
Went here on the Eat Local Farm Tour and was so impressed. They served smoked pulled pork, brats and hot dogs - it was luscious. Thank you Jack and Betsy for your vision and hard work.

- Janie (MN)
My husband and I found TC Farm when we were looking for a balance between being meat eaters and making ecologically, environmentally, and morally sound choices.

We tried them out and were instantly hooked.

Let me tell you - you will never taste a pork chop this good (and I didn't even like pork chops), the eggs are on a whole new level, and the chicken is beyond anything I've ever tasted from a supermarket.

Everything they produce is the absolute highest quality, and you know (because you can go and personally look at the animals) that it's coming from a beautiful organic farm right here in rural Minnesota.

Jack is an excellent salesperson and very on top of the technology of his business, making it easy to pay online and contact him if you need to change anything.

- Angie (Eden Prairie)