Fine Food
Sustainably Raised

We're so happy you have taken the time to learn a little more about us and our farm!

What started as a family-run farm about an hour west of Minneapolis has grown into a collective of farmers in Minnesota, all dedicated to raising foods to the highest standards. All of our animals are raised in natural living conditions, treated with care and respect.

We offer farm-fresh pasture raised eggschicken, 100% grass fed beef and lamb, no-soy grass fed pork, heritage turkey, hand-made organic spiced sausages, and sous chef ready to eat meals.

It is so easy to join

Just pick the kinds of foods your family wants to eat

Monthly deliveries and over 3 dozen pickup sites

Clean, Healthy Food

We never use any hormones, growth drugs or feed our animals genetically modified grains. Instead of shortcuts, we provide free choice organic or transition organic grains and lush pasture.

Easy, Customizable and No Chest Freezer Needed

We offer monthly deliveries to over three dozen locations throughout the Twin Cities metro area! Each time we make a delivery, we suggest a package chosen specifically for your family and include a link to make any changes you'd like.

Right For Your Family

If you care about delicious food, your health, protecting the environment or respecting Minnesota native prairies, our products are right for you.

Learn more about us, how it all works and ways you can help us sustainably farm without any compromises!