Pasture Raised Pork

Our pork is fantastic! (and we never used to like pork at all) At the market, the best we could find was conventional GMO fed, factory-farmed genetics. It was tough and didn't taste good to us. 

Before we had our farm, I volunteered at a farmer's market pig farm. Their "pasture raised" pigs were locked up in a muddy pen and not at all what I had had envisioned.

So we started our own farm raising organic fed, no-soy heritage breed hogs. No growth drugs, no gross sup-therapeutic antibiotics, no gestation crates. The difference was astounding. 

This was the first pork chop Betsy really enjoyed. Since our pork is rotated on fresh lush pasture, they are more nutritious than what you'd find elsewhere too.


TC Farm Is Better


Heritage Breeds

Most breeds of pork available today are from fast growing breeds. This is cheaper for the farmer to raise but can be dry and tasteless.

You'll notice a difference with our pork right away. Heritage breeds grow slower and produce meat that is outstanding. It is not "white", in fact the higher quality the pork chop, the redder the color.


Rotationally Grazed

When we say "pasture raised" it means our animals thrive on actual green pasture.

It is hard work rotating pigs every few days to fresh green grass. They love to dig up the field! 

While others think a factory style barn filled with hay or an outdoor concrete slab counts as "pasture", we don't.


Organic Grains

Pasture is a large part of what our hogs eat but we also use mostly small grains like wheat, barley and split peas. 

We never use soy and rarely (almost never) have any corn in the ration. 

This makes for a flavorful pork unlike anything you've had before!

It costs 2-3 times as much for us to use organic feed. And is totally worth it.


No Drugs

Others engineer things to raise pork as fast and cheap as possible. They'll sell "hormone free, antibiotic free" meat, but secretly use other growth drugs.

Yeah. That's not for us. Not At all.We never use any type of growth drug. Ever.

 Zero. Ziltch. None. 


Forest Hogs

We are one of a few places we know of that are able to offer Forest Hog products. 

These are a small lard hertiage breed that takes over twice as long to mature. 

Their meat is much more moist and rich compared to regular pork products. 


Bulk Orders

We are able to offer bulk quantites on many of our pork products. 

This includes our roasts, brats and ground items.