Organic Produce - Right to Your Door

Farmer Becca, Northfield MN

100% Organic Produce

All of our produce is organic. TC Farm requires everything is at least transition organic but in practice most is fully certified organic.

Transition organic crops are crops that are grown in line with organic standards but are still within the three year transitional period towards the certification.

Farmer Melissa, Kenyon MN

Why Year Round?

We have locally raised produce in our shares throughout the year, and also incorporate some non-local items to supplement our offerings during the colder months when there is a much smaller amount of local produce available.

Most of our members are already buying non-local items at grocery stores, but by ordering them through us instead they help support our local farmers and strengthen the local food system.  

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Farmer Kristin, Lake City MN

Local Matters!

Local food has benefits for all of us to enjoy:

  • Fresher Than the Store: We get produce direct from our farmers and deliver it at peak freshness
  • Heirloom: We offer healthier and tastier varieties that large stores tyically won't offer because they're a little "high maintenance"
  • Environment: the more land we better manage in Minnesota, the better our local rivers, lakes and soil will be.
  • Economic: Sourcing your food from local growers and makers cultivates a stronger local food market with equitable prices.

Weekly Organic Produce Shares

A mix of seasonal items including fruit and veggies. 
Leafy greens & keto-friendly options.
Handy staple items like potatoes, onions, carrots & more.

A mix of seasonal & everyday fruit staples. MN's fruit season is short, so expect some items from out of state.

Our most locally sourced box! Expect nearly 100% local items from late June -January. 
A smaller variety of specialty seasonal items & everyday fruit staples.

Get a Produce Sneak Peek with the Weekly Features Blog!

Each Thursday afternoon we update our Weekly Features Blog with what we have planned for the upcoming week’s produce shares along with other weekly specials. 

Make sure to check out the Weekly Features Blog each week to see what’s in store for the next week's deliveries!

Why Subscribe to Produce?

Subscribing to produce box deliveries helps us plan ahead and plant our crops to meet to your family's needs

It's a great way to participate in the local food system and support sustainable farmers in a direct way!

Subscribe by committing to the prime growing season CSA or by setting up flexible recurring deliveries of your favorite foods at any point throughout the year!

5 Reasons to CSA with TC Farm 

With TC Farm, you are in full control of how much and how often you order-

1. Shop for items on a manual “as needed" basis if you prefer

2. Set up flexible recurring orders of your favorite items (skip or cancel anytime!)

3. We also have an option to commit for the prime growing season and save 10% when you pay for half of your produce up front!

*Make sure to check our Weekly Features blog to see what produce and other specials will be featured next week and choose what you order accordingly!

Most CSAs require their members to pay for the season up front and won’t allow for any cancellations or rescheduling of orders. That's a big financial commitment to make, especially if something comes up that prevents you from getting the produce you've already paid for!

TC Farm members can pay for each order individually and don’t need to make any seasonal commitments or pay for food up front. 

*For members who plan to order produce regularly during peak growing season we have a traditional CSA option where you can can pay for half the season upfront and receive a 10% discount! 
We deliver right to our members’ homes on a weekly basis for just $4.99 per delivery so you have one less errand to worry about!

Deliveries are packed in special insulated materials that keep your food steady temps, so there’s no need to be home for deliveries. We'll let you know when to expect us and confirm once your food has been dropped off!

Live in an apartment building with a secure entry? Add in delivery notes so our drivers can access your building & leave the food in the right spot!
Most CSAs only operate on a seasonal basis. With such a short growing season in Minnesota, the ”peak-season only” approach leaves local farmers without work or income for much of the year.

Our year-round CSA ensures our farms the opportunity to grow in the off-season and provides members with delicious locally grown produce items throughout the year!

During the off season when local produce is limited, we supplement our produce offerings with non-local items as needed. This helps us build a more equitable and robust food system that provides consistent support to local farmers.
Most CSAs offer only one produce share option each week or a limited range of offerings. 

With TC Farm, you can choose from SIX weekly produce shares and tons of standalone items like mushrooms, potatoes, onions, carrots, salad greens and seasonal items like corn, tomatoes and more!

In addition to produce we also offer:

  • Local Pasture Raised Meats & Eggs
  • Organic, From-Scratch Meals & Prepared Foods
  • Value-Priced Sustainable Grocery Items
  • Household Goods
  • And More!

Every item you order from TC Farm helps us  build a more just, ethical and sustainable local food system!

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