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    English-Style Short Beef Ribs
    Pasture Raised

    Short Ribs- English Style  - avg 3.5lb

    TC Farm

    1 pack of English-style short ribs (ribs are cut parallel with the bone)*We also carry Korean/Flanken style short ribs  This is a flat rate box, weights will vary - we recommend getting more than one pack
  • Pasture Raised
    Texas-Style Beef Ribs
    Pasture Raised

    Texas Ribs - avg 2.29lb

    TC Farm

    1 pack of fresh Texas Ribs (beef loin ribs, not short ribs).  These are the ribs off of the Ribeye steaks, amazing to smoke and Sous Vide.  This is a flat rate box with two racks. Weight will vary. Texas ribs may be either grass-fed or...
  • Pasture Raised
    Korean-Style Beef Short Ribs
    Pasture Raised

    Short Ribs - Korean Style - avg 3.5lb

    TC Farm

    1 pack of Korean Style short ribs (cut across the bone).  Made from either our barley or grass fed beef. These are all dry-aged from our barley finished beef which is pasture-raised and fed a small amount of organic grains. No corn or soy. You...
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