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    Fried Cornish Cross Chicken Wings
    Pasture Raised

    Chicken Wings - Cornish - avg 1.08lb

    TC Farm

    $5.85 - $6.50
    1 pack of fresh cornish cross wings (typically four wings)These are the breed of chicken you'd find in the grocery or farmers' market. We take special care to slow their growth down so they can live a good life. Other management practices push them to...
  • Pasture Raised
    Smoked and Sous Vide Cornish Cross Chicken Wings
    Pasture Raised

    Wings- Sous Vide - avg 3.58lb

    TC Farm

    $17.54 - $19.49
    1 pack of our favorite wings (12 per pack)Wings are lightly smoked and slow cooked with just a pinch of salt. Crisp them up and add finishing salt or your favorite sauce for an amazing meal. Click here for cooking tips and more info. This is a flat...
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