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TC Farm Membership Free Trial TC Farm Membership Free Trial TC Farm Membership Free Trial TC Farm Membership Free Trial TC Farm Membership Free Trial
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TC Farm is a group of farmers and households who want the very best:

  • Pasture-raised meats, dairy and eggs
  • Certified organic local produce
  • Scratch-made ready-to-eat meals
  • Expanding selection of value priced organic grocery

Working together we can build a more robust, ethical, and sustainable food system that empowers farmers to enjoy a livable lifestyle and sustainable income to match their farming practices.

Order when you want, no automatic orders required!

Key things to know about our membership:

  • Unique pay what you can structure
  • No-tip home delivery for just $4.99

By default you will subscribe at the recommended $99 per year level; however, please feel free to reduce your memberhsip to as little as $1 per year.  

Try free for 60 days and then decide what membership level makes sense for your household.

If you are able, consider increasing your membership and support the ability for us to offer this discount to anyone who asks. 


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Customer Appreciation

Humane & Quality

I love TC Farm. A good variety of quality meats and totally customizable to your budget and taste. Meat that has been humanely treated and cared for. Not only that, it actually tastes like meat used to taste. They have excellent customer service too. You will fall in love with the smoked wings!!! I highly recommend TC Farm.

Sue (Edina)

Best Pork Chops

My husband and I found TC Farm when we were looking for a balance between being meat eaters and making ecologically, environmentally, and morally sound choices. We tried them out and were instantly hooked. Let me tell you - you will never taste a pork chop this good (and I didn't even like pork chops), the eggs are on a whole new level, and the chicken is beyond anything I've ever tasted from a supermarket.

Angie (Eden Prairie)

Ethical and Healthy

Ethical treatment of animals. Top quality feed for their animals. Healthier meats for your family. You won't regret switching from whatever you're buying now.

Marcel (Chanhassan)