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Your chance to visit TC Farm as well as other local farms!

Posted on Jul 03, 2017 by Jack McCann
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The 2017 Co-op Farm Tour is fast approaching.  The event will be Saturday, July 15.  We will be hosting farm tours from 10am - 4pm and would love to see you there. In order to have more tours and space for guests, we will have three TC Farm locations participating in this year's tour! 

We will have samples, t-shirts and hats for sale at all locations, but we are hosting a potluck BBQ at out original farm site in Montrose. See below for details. 

Check out the Tour Guide

The local co-ops sponsoring the farm tour released their guide for the day.  (We are #4, #5 and #16 on the map.)  You might find that there are other farms you are also interested in visiting.  There are some other great farms participating.  We really hope you check out the guide. 

TC Farm Information for Farm Tour

TC Farm Site 1

Our original home farm. We used to raise nearly everything here; however now the farm site is focused on raising pork for our farm's membersLakewindsValley Natural Foods and Tullibee

Your tour will include our pasture raised pigs and a homestead style flock of chickens and maybe a couple of ducks. While we don't have as many animals anymore, I will be here answering questions on all TC Farm products and practices.  Just visit Kerry's next door to see more variety. 


  • 10am
  • noon
  • 2pm

Address: 4432 County Road 12 South Montrose, MN 55305

Pot luck BBQ At This Location (see below)

Items for sale:

TC Farm Site 2

Our neighbor, Kerry, has been raising for TC Farm the last 7 years and has been a great partner as we've grown our cooperative style group. On his farm, you'll find pasture and woodlot raised pigs, critically endangered Randall cattle, horned Dorsett sheep, chickens, turkeys and geese.

Kerry also has some rare American Forest Hogs as well -- you should totally snag tickets to our Forest Hog Event on the 16th if they are still available. 


  • 11am
  • 1pm
  • 3pm

Address: 10389 Baker Avenue SW, Montrose, MN 55363

Items for sale:

  • T-shirts/hats
  • Brat / sausage packs to bring home

TC Farm Site 3

Ian and Elizabeth joined the TC Farm team in 2014. They have focused mostly on chickens and were a godsend for Betsy and I when they took over the bulk of our eggs and chicken... Truly, they have made TC Farm possible.

On their farm, you will find free ranging TC Farm laying hens and broilers.  They also raise a small number of pigs for their own use and have a great guardian dog too! 

Of all the farms, they have the most cool equipment to see... lots of bins, small tractors and innovative chicken housing. 


  • 10am
  • noon
  • 2pm

Address: 12456 Bagley Ave, Dundas, MN 55019

Items for sale:

  • T-shirts/hats
  • Brat / sausage packs to bring home

TC Farm Tour Map

What to bring

  1. Farm Boots 
  2. Bug spray 
  3. An umbrella or a poncho (just in case)
  4. Food to share (or not).  We will host a pot luck style lunch/dinner. TC Farm supplies some free smoked pork and brats and you can choose to bring your own sides or bring a bit extra to share. If sharing food, only bring food that does NOT require refrigeration (i.e. no potato salads)
  5. Reusable plates/silverware - (if you have some)
  6. Picnic blanket and chairs 
  7. Questions 
  8. Yard games to play

Oh -- and don't forget to bring a friend too!

Share with your friends!

This is definitely an event you want to share with your friends, especially if they haven't joined a local co-op or CSA ...

If you are even thinking of attending, we'd love to get a  show of hands so we can plan out food needs (even if you are registering at the last minute!) This is especially helpful if there are any last minute changes or announcements.   Click here to register (not required to attend, just helpful)

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