The 6 Reasons You Crave Junk Food

Lack of Willpower is NOT one of the reasons!

Posted on Jun 28, 2016 by Jack McCann
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I pretty much love everything that Healthful Elements stands for and is working on. Frankly I wish I had the resources/time to research and coach people through their healthy life changes the way they do. What a great group!

Their recent short post on why our bodies crave junk food is dead on. You should really check it out!

I wanted to add onto a couple of their points by sharing my personal experiences:

#3 Blood Sugar 

The article has a great summary of how a low-fat diet really messes with your hormones and blood sugar, leading to cravings that are biologically designed to force us to eat. 

My thoughts:

I totally agree and personally found that while the USDA recommends some low percentage of our diet to be fats, my body just doesn't work well unless I am eating about 40 - 50% of my calories as fat. What I realized is that 'fad' low fat diets were killing my pancreas and really my whole body due to the insulin the diets require us to kick out.  Once I stopped, I started feeling better almost right away: not being hungry, not crashing... really good stuff.

The real eye opener was when I started to research different studies and basic biology and learned that, far from being "bad fats", saturated fats are actually GOOD for me. This allowed me to feel (mostly) comfortable eating things like butter, eggs, and other animal fats.  I felt SO MUCH better and of course loved living life so much more now that I could eat all the great food that I always wanted! (minus the sugar, of course) 

If you are still on the fence about why saturated fats are not only good for your body, but essential for life, I'd recommend reading The Big Fat Surprise.

If nothing else, just consider the fact that the perfect food for growing healthy human bodies is breast milk, which is about 55% fat, most of which is saturated. I believe kids need to be on a diet of 50% fat through their formative years.

#5 Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Their article also makes an interesting point I wasn't fully aware of: deficiencies in vitamins and minerals lead to cravings

My Thoughts

I always found it interesting how many members have mentioned that they find themselves eating less meat once they switch over to TC Farm products. 

Pasture raised meats have more vitamins and minerals, especially the types that are fat soluble and only found in meats.  I wrote a bit here about how important Vitamin A and Vitamin B12 are to our bodies. They really aren't available to us from vegetable sources.  Meats actually raised on green pasture also have much more of these healthy vitamins than feedlot meats (even counting local or organic varieties!).

Anyhow, check out their article. It is totally eye-opening and worth a quick read... 

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Was the same true for you?

Was the same true for you?  Did you find you started craving fewer or different things once you switched to pasture raised meats?  Have you ever had any deficiencies which led to strange cravings?  What was your "Aha!" moment?  Let everyone know in the comments below!

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