Delivery - February 10

Posted on Feb 04, 2021 by Jack McCann

As a quick reminder: Those of you getting other items (meat, breads, cheeses, etc) from TC Farm in February will get those delivered along with your produce deliveries on Wednesday, February 10.

What's Included

This week’s produce box has a few staples from the last package, several new items (citrus season, anyone?), several local items and all organic items! Please note: this is our planned produce. Some weeks the plan might not happen.

  • Carrots – local from Featherstone Farms
  • Brussel Sprouts – local from Organic Valley (Wisconsin’s local, right?)
  • Red Potato - local from Hughs
  • Gold Turnips - local from Harmony
  • Onions - local from Harmony
  • Broccoli
  • Avocados
  • Meyer Lemons
  • Minneola Tangelos

Winter is for Roasting

Many of the items in this week's share make an easy meal or a delicious side. Simply toss your choice of fat (olive oil, butter, coconut, tallow) before pan frying or oven roasting.

Recommend for roasting:

  • carrots
  • sprouts
  • potato
  • turnips
  • broccoli

We often pan fry these items. Add a good amount of healthy fat to your heavy pan and cook over medium high heat without stirring until the bottoms are caramelized but not burnt. Turn and repeat for the other side and season. (We've got a video to show the magic in action!)

Avocados = Delayed Gratification

Avocados are a great food, especially for kids. They give them a bunch of healthy fats and good stuff for growing bodies and minds.

I’ve found buying avocados in the grocery is a challenge: Someone has probably pushed into each one and bruised them before I got there! I prefer to purchase hard, perfectly green avocados and ripen them on my counter in a little paper bag. Resist the urge to test them until you are sure they are close to being ripe.

Once almost ripe, put in your fridge to store if you won’t be eating them soon. Almost ripe avocados last several weeks in the fridge! If you do this and plan ahead, you’ll almost always have a perfect avocado ready to enjoy. Now and then, one just doesn’t work but ripening yourself maximizes your chances.

My dad would always make avocado sandwiches: Toasted bread, smashed and salted avocado topped with tomato, roasted peanuts, sprouts, all top with cheese and broiled. He loved them. We told him how gross they were and complained. But now? All my siblings love them!

Wondering what to do? Check out this recipe from our blog from a few years back: our vegan avocado chocolate pudding!

A couple more recipes for you

Enjoy! And as always: Let us know what you thought about today's delivery! Part of the deal with the early access program is we need to hear back from you.

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