Posted on Jul 25, 2021 by Jack McCann

This week's cabbage

In this and next week’s produce box, we have not one but two local farms providing cabbage. Twin Cities Green Farm grew a beautiful sweet cabbage and Seeds Farm is bringing us big heads of green cabbage. The good news is that both varieties are interchangeable in recipes and incredibly versatile. For inspiration, we’ve listed below all the ways they can be prepared.

If you can’t get eat two heads of cabbage in the next two weeks never fear, cabbage can comfortably store for 3-7weeks in your veggie/humid drawer. Just wait to wash it until you are ready to cook.

Green Cabbage

The old standby of cabbages, green cabbage looks like a tightly packed head of iceberg lettuce. It is the staple ingredient in coleslaws and Irish corned beef and cabbage.

Endlessly versatile, green cabbage has a crisp texture and peppery flavor when raw, but when cooked becomes tender and sweet.

The sturdiness of green cabbage lends itself to making sauerkraut, slaws, stir-fries, soups, braises and it can even be grilled!

Jack's favorite is to slice into big thick pieces and pan fry over high heat and loads of butter (or bacon fat).

Check out Jack's Recipe for sauteed cabbage and sweet peas!

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