Why TC Farm?

About TC Farm

TC Farm is a group of sustainable family farms dedicated to raising the very best food.

We deliver our food monthly all over the greater Twin Cities metro area. You also can find our pork at Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville.

We (Betsy and Jack) grew up in Eden Prairie with a love of cooking and good food. We were frustrated we couldn't find meat raised without some sort of shortcut. We wanted food without any shortcuts.

So, we struck out on our own and founded a hobby farm to feed our family. That farm grew into TC Farm and the group of over 700 member families who make it all possible.

We offer:

Why TC Farm?

Like a lot of you, Betsy and I got more serious about what we were eating as we learned more.

We learned how:

  • Grocery 'grass fed' is often from feedlots being fed questionable items
  • Even farmers' market eggs often use dyes to make the yolks darker
  • Factory farms claim dirt feedlots are 'pasture raised' and that the USDA agrees
  • Organic factory meats are often more problematic than conventional

We even volunteered at local farms and were discouraged that despite the idyllic views, the animals themselves weren't treated with the respect they deserved.

We didn't want to wonder what kind of shortcut was being taken with our food, so we started our own farm in 2010.

"I feel good about serving my family food that has come from animals that have been raised in a healthy and humane way.  "

What Sets TC Farm Apart?


  • Our animals live open green pasture with space to roam
  • 100% grass-fed and dry-aged beef and lamb
  • Pork and chicken receive only transition or certified organic grains (all non-GMO).
  • Never any growth drugs

Healthy animals make healthy food


  • Slow-growing breeds have better texture and richer flavor
  • Healthier, more balanced feed dramatically improves flavor


We don't use chemicals or anything harmful to the environment

Unlike conventional farming, our farm improves the soil, restores native Minnesota prairies and protects our lakes and streams

In fact, many studies show that our type of farming acts as a carbon sink. Building so much topsoil captures more carbon than the farming operations emit.


We believe all life deserves respect. If we're raising animals to provide us with food, it is our duty to ensure a happy, healthy life and a respectful end.

Our standards respect animals, land and generations to come.

True Cost

At TC Farm, the price of our products reflects the complete cost of raising food right.

It means quality feed and wide open spaces.

It takes a little longer and sometimes it costs a little more... Sometimes it even costs a little less!

At TC Farm, you pay for what is true and what is right: fine food, sustainably raised.


Read all about our standards here

"In addition to the added benefit of supporting local farming families, it is also better for the environment and it has allowed my family to explore new types of food and new ways of cooking. Everyone wins!"

Meet the TC Farmers

Jack McCann, Farmer

Jack McCann came to farming as a result of his quest for the tastiest food possible. After learning more about sustainable, pasture-based farming and the nutritious, delicious food it produces, he was determined to raise food right and provide it to others. He also wanted to take true farming to a higher level, by using rare, slow-growing breeds for optimal taste, texture and nutrition. Jack transitioned out of his previous career as an entrepreneur and management consultant to build and lead TC Farm. photo credit Heartbeat Kitchen

Betsy McCann, Farmer

Betsy McCann has a passion for cooking, and she knows that the best ingredients make the most delicious meals. Now that Betsy and Jack run TC Farm as a husband and wife team, she's happy to have the highest-quality food and appreciates the natural harmonies on the farm among animals, people, plants and land. Betsy leads a dual life as farmer and musician – she loves her career teaching band at the University of Minnesota. photo credit Gopher Photo