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Gingery Meatballs with Peaches and Basil

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: recipes, Ground beef, ground pork

One pan meatballs that are light enough to serve all summer long!

Fennel and Herb Pork Roast

Posted by Eli Crain

This recipe is fit for a feast. Serve to a crowed or plan for leftovers!

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: 06-07-2022, recipes, dessert, 06-14-2022

A simple spring, fruit crumble that makes rhubarb shine!

One Pan Brussels Sprouts and Sausage

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: recipes, 06-07-2022

Quick and easy week night dinner that requires only one pan!

Napa Cabbage Rolls

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: recipes, 06-07-2022

Deceptively simple and delicious. These rolls great fresh from the oven or as leftovers!

Stir-Fried Asian Greens

Posted by Eli Crain

Quick and simple stir fry that packs a flavorful punch!

Summer Grill Tips

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: newsletter

Memorial Day is here. Fourth of July is just around the corner. There's a long summer of grilling ahead! If you've never grilled with pasture raised meats before you might not know that you may want to cook them just a little differently than you are used to. We've put together an article with some tips and temps to help make sure your next picnic / BBQ / cookout / family meal is awesome!

When it Storms on the Farm

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: newsletter

Spring is here and that means storms. If you were outside Monday morning or afternoon, you couldn't have missed them. With plants growing in the field (or orchard) and animals to care for, storms can pose a unique challenge.

Buzz's famous green smoothie

Posted by Ellen Buskirk | Tags: 05-03-2022, spinach, vegetarian, recipes

A member sent us the following recipe. What a great way to use the TC Farm spinach you get in your produce boxes. And a delicious way to start the morning too!

Summer Squash Pappardelle

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: recipes, vegetarian, 05-31-2022, 06-07-2022

The best part about this recipe is that you can substitute almost any of the ingredients for something that you have on hand and it ALWAYS turns out!

Celeriac and Winter Veggie Soup

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: 04-26-2022, VEGETARIAN, recipes

A perfect warming soup for a dreary evening.

Braised Beet Greens

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: side, vegetarian, 04-26-2022

Most of the time the beets we encounter already have their greens cut off because removing the greens keeps the beet root fresh for longer. But beet greens are really yummy and good for you! They often can be used in place of greens like spinach, kale and chard but they are delicious all on their own.

Fennel-Rubbed Pork Chops

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: pork chop, recipes, 04-12-2022

One of my favorite ways to eat pork chops. If you don't have whole fennel seeds at home, it's worth a trip to the store to get some for this recipe!

Green Beans with Crunchy Walnuts and Anchovies

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: recipes, vegetarian

This recipe is delicious at room temp and piping hot and comes together super quickly on a weeknight.

Fennel and Citrus Salad

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: recipes, 04-12-2022, vegetarian

This salad combines salty, sweet, tangy and crunchy in a surprising but delicious way!