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Meet the Chicks! April 11-16

Posted by Jack / Betsy | Tags: Newsletter

Every year we like to give families and children the chance to meet some of the new chicks that are arriving at our farms!

Snowy Winter and the March Sun

Posted by Elizabeth O'Sullivan | Tags: Newsletter

Believe it or not, our animals usually love the outdoors during winter. Here are some photos and a story about our laying hens this crazy snowy winter and looking forward to spring on the farm.

Chicken Choices

Posted by Jack McCann

For the first time, TC Farm is offering a cornish cross chicken option. Here is what you need to know.

Back to School with a Free Organic Lunch

Posted by Jack McCann

Our new package contains all your organic seasoned lunch favorites. They are ready to eat and quite the upgrade for packed lunch. Best of all, the $50 package is FREE for anyone who joins in September.

August Apples

Posted by Jack McCann

A little bit more information about the apples that are included for our members who have chosen to add the apple CSA to their monthly deliveries. mmmmmm

August Bread

Posted by Jack McCann

A little bit more information about the new bread CSA

August mushrooms

Posted by Jack McCann

We wrote about our mushrooms back in June - we just wanted to give our members another chance to learn more about them!

Farm Tour - July 14, 2018

Posted by Jack McCann

Visit our farm on the annual Co-op Farm Tour organized by the local grocery cooperatives -- July 13th. Full tour map and tips on what to bring...

Mushroom Tips

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: Member News

Here are some tips and recipe ideas for our Mushroom Box!

About TC Farm

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: Newsletter

Jennifer Simonson visits TC Farm and captures our passion for food, respect, and health.

The Ultimate Cookie

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: newsletter, dessert, RECIPES

I dare say this is the best cookie in the world. I challenge you to try it and send me any cookie recipe you think is better.

Meet the Chicks!

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: article, newsletter, events

Spring is just around the corner which means it's time to meet some of the newest chicks coming to TC Farm. One of our favorite events of the year. Family friendly. FREE and Kids love it. And a great way to welcome spring. Come meet the chicks!

Green Eggs and Vitamin B9 info

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: article, recipes, newsletter, eggs

This is a family favorite. We're republishing it from one of our newsletters WAAAY back in 2014. (You'll notice Lauren looks a little younger in some of the photos.) Super fun and amazingly healthy. Yum!

Butter Chicken

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: chicken breast, recipes, Chicken, newsletter

Something warm with an amazing flavor combination. This recipe was shared with us by a member. Thanks Mike!

Betsy and The SUPER Halftime Show

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: newsletter

Did you see the U of M Marching Band in the Halftime show? Pretty exciting! We're MORE excited to have Betsy back home after hundreds of hours of prep work for the show... Here are some fun back stories and videos we can finally share!


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