Local organic produce right to your door

Local organic produce right to your door

TC Farm Produce Is Special

Our produce CSA is a little different. We focus on the highest quality produce and deliver right to your door every week or every other week... or whenever you'd like.

Each of our farmers focus on the fruit and veggies they love and which work best for their land. Your delivery will be raised with care and love from seed - to sprout - to scrumptious meal.

Customized Shares

We get that no household enjoys exactly the same food at the same time as everyone else.

Each week you can pick and choose the type of produce that is best for you... OR skip anytime! No year-long commitment or penalty for simply going on vacation!

Our most popular seasonal package focuses "normal" food while maximizing local when in season. The package is 100% local in the peak of summer, but members still enjoy organic citrus mixed in with local winter crops. The focus is to eat produce at the peak of its season - just because we all could eat an orange in the summer or a snap pea in the winter, should we?

On a low-carb diet? Choose our Keto package... or just the opposite? Choose the staple package with loads of local root veggies, onions, heirloom garlic and more.

Our fruit only package is also all organic, but of course the local season is much shorter for those items. Even when not local, it is still amazing to taste foods at their peak season!

No Tip Delivery

We believe those who make our food possible should have as sustainable of a life as our agriculture practices. To that end, providing livable wages with great benefits is important. When we say it is as low as $4.99 for a home delivery, there is no expectation or even option to supplement wages because we believe farmers, food makers and other staff should have a living wage baked in with our amazing food.

TC Farm Is Better

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  • Organic Produce Matters

    All of our produce is organic. We require everything is at least transition organic, but in practice most is fully certified.

    Transition organic crops are grown 100% to the organic standards, except the land hasn't completed its three year transition period yet.

    Learn more: No Funny Chemicals
  • Why Year Round?

    Even with Minnesota's shorter growing season, we really can pack in a bunch of growth during those long summer days!

    However, it is difficult to have a viable business if it starts and stops twice a year.

    How can anyone have a career building a better local food system if all the jobs last 18 weeks or less?

    How can we extend the growing season itself?

    Learn more: 50 Weeks A Year
  • Local Matters

    Local provides a few key benefits besides all of the local economic perks:

    1. Fresher - even fresher than grocery!
    2. Heirloom - healthier and tastier varieties won't hold up to inter-state transport.
    3. Environment - the more land we manage better in Minnesota, the better our local rivers, lakes and soil will be.
    Learn more: Minnesota is Great