American Forest Hogs

We only get to offer TC Farm members our special 15-month American Forest hogs once every year or so. We don't have any in stock at the moment but we're as excited for the next time as you are. 

What's so different?


Normal hogs are processed at about 6-7 months. Forest hogs grow over twice as long. This huge investment of extra time is what helps make these so outstanding.

Amazing Flavor

These have an amazing flavor profile. The meat is like nothing you've ever had before, redder than our other heritage breeds.

The fat is completely different than what you’ve had with our other pork. It is soft and some bites taste almost like butter.

Exquisite texture

These hogs are a small lard heritage breed so there is more marbling even than our other heritage breed hogs. 

  • The meat is moist and rich.
  • The chops are small and very thick cut, almost like a mini-roast.
  • There is a nice sample of amazing backfat on each.

We had one of these ham roasts for Easter a few years ago and it was AMAZING. I'd never had anything like it. The bacon is out of this world! I'm always waiting for more to be ready just for me!

The last several years, they sold out quickly.  This time around they are likely to do the same. 

You've never had pork this good before!