A Little About Pasture Raised Eggs

A Little About Pasture Raised Eggs

It Starts with the Little Things

Eggs. Real eggs.

That's what started Betsy and I down the path of starting TC Farm and raising chicken, beef, pork and awesome deli products.

Years ago we found a small farm selling truly pasture raised eggs. At first they seemed dramatically over priced, but we were blown away with how they tasted. Our favorite meal at the time was poached eggs over a bowl of heritage lettuce and a bit of sea salt.

As simple as that sounds, it was truly divine. Those 'pasture' raised organic eggs in the store had nothing on these... I don't know what kind of pasture those store organic eggs are raised on, but it sure wasn't green pasture!

We realized if an egg could feel so nourishing and taste so good, what else were we missing out on? We simply had to start our own hobby farm to see what it would be like.

We poured over research and all of the various ways one could choose to raise laying hens. We kept our eye on the prize and refused to cut any corners. We took the best possible care of each hen and her egg was our reward.

What Makes Our Pasture Eggs Different?


Eggs raised on green pasture have:

  • healthier fats
  • more vitamins

We provide transition or certified organic feed


  • Our hens are selected for quality, not quantity
  • Orange yolks in summer and impressive winter eggs
  • Richer Taste


The way we raise our chickens builds top soil and improves local water quality. This sequesters carbon and helps limit climate change.


We are focused on our animals' welfare. We follow strict standards in how they are raised.

Our birds have full beaks so they can actually enjoy the pasture they are on. Sadly, this doesn't happen in larger flocks.

It takes more time to do the right thing, but we think it is worth it.


How Long Do Eggs Stay Fresh?

Eggs in the store are up to 60 days old when you buy them. The USDA says they will stay 'fresh' up to 5 more weeks. Our eggs are usually delivered to you a lot fresher than what you'll buy in the store, so our eggs will easily last 1-2 months in your fridge before the quality degrades. We recommend using older eggs for hard boiling and fresher eggs for baking and frying

Lots of Easy Pickup Locations

Pickup is easy. Most pickup locations are members who host at their home. Typically you can stop by anytime from about noon to 7pm and pickup your eggs from coolers outside. This varies by location and members can often arrange for different times to pickup.

The location shown on the map is the closest intersection. We don't put our member's home addresses online.

For more information about pickups, click here.

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