What Makes Our Pasture Raised Pork Different?

What Makes Our Pasture Raised Pork Different?

It Takes Time to Raise Grass Fed Pork

Our pork is fantastic...and we never used to like pork at all! At the market, the best we could find was conventional GMO fed, factory-farmed genetics. It was tough and didn't taste good to us.

Before we had our farm, I volunteered at a farmer's market pig farm. Their 'pasture raised' pigs were locked up in a muddy pen and not at all what I had had envisioned.

So we started our own farm raising organic fed, no-soy heritage breed hogs. No growth drugs, no gross sup-therapeutic antibiotics, no gestation crates. The difference was astounding.

This was the first pork chop Betsy really enjoyed. Since our pork is rotated on fresh lush pasture, they are more nutritious than what you'd find elsewhere too.

As a member, you choose which of the amazing cuts your family enjoys. Learn more how it works here.

Better Than Bulk

We do offer bulk orders, but we have found most families prefer to pick and choose the cuts they like best. This is especially the case with pork. The typical heritage hog might have 25-40lbs of fat on it. What are you going to do with all that fat you paid for?

I'll tell you what we do: We use it with our grass fed beef hind roasts and make some of the most amazing sausages. You gotta try our beef/pork summer sausage!

It is a win-win, we get the best tasting summer sausage and nobody has to pay for fat they'd throw away.

Regardless your preference, be SURE to order a sampler pack from your farm of choice before filling your freezer. You can do that online with us without any commitment for a future order. That way you can taste test our amazing pork before making a large order.

Our Pasture Raised Pork

We proudly offer the following no-soy pork products:

  • Every type of chop you can imagine
  • Tenderloin Roasts
  • Shoulder Roasts
  • Spare & Loin Ribs
  • Ground Pork
  • Bacon
  • Sliced Deli Ham
  • Smoked Ribs (with our sous chef meals)
  • Smoked pulled pork (with our sous chef meals)

Cooking The Perfect Organic Pork Chop

Some of our favorite recipes are listed at the bottom of this page, but you'll also want to browse our full free online cookbook.

Pork chops need some special preparation advice. This isn't because it is hard to cook, but rather because in the past we've all been given terrible advice to cook pork to 170 degrees. Even our pork chops won't taste good at that temp. Fortunately, the government backed off, now recommending 145. Which, I suppose might be OK... but that's for sure the maximum temp we might enjoy.

Our preparing perfect pastured pork tips are worth the read regardless of where your pork chops are from.

Ready to taste the heritage pork difference?

We have had so many new members tell us ours was the first pork they've enjoyed.

Try our pasture raised pork. Become a member today and save up to 7.5%!

TC Farm Is Better

Click the images below to learn what makes our grass fed pork special.

  • Lush Green Pasture

    When we say 'pasture raised' it means our animals thrive on actual green pasture.

    You'd think that should be obvious, but for others 'pasture' can just be a factory barn full of straw.

    Learn more: Green Forage
  • No Drugs

    Others engineer things to raise pork as fast and cheap as possible. They'll sell 'hormone free, antibiotic free' meat, but secretly use other growth drugs.

    Yeah... That's not for us. At all.

    Learn more: Just Say No
  • Organic Grains

    Our hogs get a large amount of food from the pasture; however, they still require grain to thrive.

    I was surprised to learn almost all local small farms are using conventional GMO feed.

    Learn more: Why Organic
  • Heritage Breeds

    We never liked pork chops before.

    I can't tell you how wrong we were. Heritage pork is amazing!

    Learn more: Heritage Flavor

Favorite Sample Packs

Give some of these a try and see what you've been missing.

Pork Roasts

$59 $56.05
7.88 lbs avg

Box 106

The amazing flavor is partly due to our special no-soy feed

  • 2-3 pork shoulder roasts

Roasts should be around 3-4lbs each and are bone-in. Great for the crockpot or the smoker.

Half Chop

$58 $55.10
6.3 lbs avg

Box 122

The half sized pork package

  • ~2.5lbs of boneless pork chops
  • 1 pork roast

Boneless Chops - Thin, Butterfly

$85 $80.75
7.09 lbs avg

Box 136

The most popular chop

  • Thin cut boneless chops (butterflied if loin)

Chops are thin cut with less fat than bone-in. Most will be butterflied to allow you stuff or split into a true thin cut chop -- or cook as is for a thick cut chop. Boneless sirloin will be just thin cut

About 1 pound per package

Click here to read our pork chop cooking tips

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box. They are labeled as the minimum weight of 6.5lbs, most boxes weigh more.

Boneless Chop Butterfly Mixer

$85 $80.75
9.12 lbs avg

Box 137

My favorite pork sampler

  • 3-4 lbs of butterflied thin cut boneless pork chops 
  • 1 pork roast
  • 2 lbs of ground pork (1lb ea)

These are thick cut boneless chops, which are butterflied for easy stuffing OR splitting to cook as thin cut chops. Chops are packaged two to a pack.

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box. They are labeled as the minimum weight of 8.5lbs, most boxes weigh more.

Herb Bacon

$99 $94.05
5.23 lbs avg

Box 148

Sugar Free Bacon To Die For

  • Our Euro style herb bacon

You'll want to buy this bacon just so you can save the fat to fry your eggs or veggies in.  Outstanding and so GOOD for you! 

Our herb bacon is and sugar-free (no sweeteners) and also 100% nitrate free (no celery powder). Best to use them within a week of thawing just like any pre-cooked items.

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box. They are labeled as the minimum weight of 5lbs, most boxes weigh more.

Just Sliced Ham

$69 $65.55
5.25 lbs avg

Box 167

Our famous deli ham

  • Sliced rustic or honey ham

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box. They are labeled as the minimum weight of 5lbs, most boxes weigh more.

The Bacon Box

$99 $94.05
5.24 lbs avg

Box 170

Thick cut, this is what bacon was meant to be

Our bacon is kind of a big deal. 

Slow-smoked, organic-spiced and thick-sliced. You've never had anything this good before!

  • 5 pounds of bacon (~1 pound per pack)

This is our American style bacon, consider trying the Euro-style herb bacon without any sugar or celery nitrates - it is super good too!

"Uncured" items with celery powder which are still sealed can be safely stored in the fridge to save freezer space. See details here

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box. They are labeled as the minimum weight of 5lbs, most boxes weigh more.

BBQ Pulled Pork

$89 $84.55
5.95 lbs avg

Box 194

Smoked and ready to eat!

  • 5 packs of BBQ pulled pork (1 lb ea)

Warm and serve - yum ! 

Made with Triple Crown's organic BBQ sauce. Pulled pork info can be found here.

Looking for something else?

Click to the 'shop' page and search by the cut you're looking for or request a custom package once you join.

Some TC Farm Pasture Raised Pork Recipes

The photo of Jack with the pig in the woods and our family with the pigs on pasture are courtesy of Amanda at Hartbeet Kitchen -- Thanks!