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Our lambs are for members only. Not a member? There are no member fees and we'd love to have you join our group!

It's getting to be that time of year again.  We will announce lamb reservations this fall. 

In past years, these have sold out quickly, often within hours. 

All are 100% grass fed,heritage breeds which have been rotationally grazed.

We've converted many people who have claimed to hate lamb into fanatics. The lamb really is outstanding with a mild flavor.


  • Younger, mild flavor -- will taste like a really great flavored steak -- pretty lean
  • All of our lamb are heritage breeds
  • These lambs were rotationally grazed 
  • They are all grass fed

Our lamb takes about the same freezer space as one of our subscription packages.

Most should include all cuts: legs roasts, chops, shoulder roasts, liver, bones, etc. 

Our lamb is $12.75/pound.  Packages will range in size. We want to know your preference, but can't guarantee any specific size since still don't know exactly how big they will be and how many of our members will request which size.

A good general rule of thumb for sizes would be:

  • Small - 15 lbs
  • Medium - 20 lbs
  • Large - 25 lbs


We will also have Icelandic yearling lambs early next summer which are older and more flavorful.  These will be available early summer 2017.

These yearling sheep were born in 2016.  These are about the same age as most steers when they are processed. Yearlings will be comparatively well marbled and a deeper, richer flavor. Quite a treat; yearlings are not generally available for purchase.

When we first tried yearlings like this, they were by far our favorites. Most cuts didn't have any mutton flavor, but a few bites may have some parts that have some mutton flavor. For the most part the pronounced flavor was butter. With the extra age, the chops almost looked like they had been corn fed, very marbled and just fantastic.

Our yearling lambs are $14.50/pound and all packages will be larger, ranging from approximately 20-35 pounds.

Reserve Your Lamb Today

Note that these are only available to members of TC Farm who already receive a regular delivery.  They are available on a first-come first-serve basis.  (When they're gone, they are gone.)

Members can check the available list of packages as there a few more lambs that became available at this time. 

Be sure to reserve your lamb today. In past years, we have often sold out within hours