June Mushrooms

June Mushrooms
June Mushrooms
Add some magic to your next meal with delicious, organic mushrooms!

June's Mushroom Sampler will include Shiitake and Lion's Mane mushrooms.

We've also got Maitake and Trumpet mushrooms available! 

June's Mushroom Sampler: 
Shiitake and Lion's Mane

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitakes have a rich umami flavor and are delicious in stir-frys, soups, and noodle dishes. Sauté them in butter, throw them straight into your favorite dish as it’s cooking, or crisp the caps up whole for a delicious snack!

Lion's Mane Mushrooms 

Lion’s Mane has a distinctive, fuzzy looking appearance and a savory & slightly sweet flavor. We recommend slicing the clusters into 3/4” “steaks” and sautéing with olive oil or butter. 

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