What Makes Our Pasture Raised Chicken Different?

What Makes Our Pasture Raised Chicken Different?

Finding Organic Chicken With Flavor

It turns out chicken can actually taste amazing. The flavor of our heritage chickens tastes like the chicken your grandmother would remember when she grew up!

Before Betsy and I had our own farm, we tried to find someone raising organic chicken that would be as different as the pasture raised eggs we were enjoying.

I volunteered at one of these farms. Sure it was nice that the birds were outside, but those genetically manipulated breeds are cheap to raise because they doesn't 'waste' feed growing feathers or strong bones or organs. The result was a strange combination of a beautiful natural pasture full of birds that didn't behave or look so natural at all. It was disillusioning at best.

Amazing Pasture Raised Chicken

After starting our own farm, we researched how to raise the best chicken. We learned that chickens' don't really start to develop flavor until they are almost twice as old as those fast growth birds. Meat from slower growth genetics actually has micro-marbling that adds to the health and flavor.

We started off with an experiment between three different slow growth breeds. Each night we'd taste test different cuts of all three and were astounded at how different they each tasted. In the past, chicken had tasted like whatever sauce we happened to use. These each had their own robust, yet delicate flavors that were fantastic with just a sprinkling of sea salt.

There was no turning back. This was food like we've never had before.

Heritage Chicken

We offer the following pasture raised chicken:

  • Whole Chicken
  • Boneless Breast
  • Thighs
  • Drumsticks
  • Wings
  • Stockbones
  • Liver (by request only)
  • Smoked and Salted Wings or Drumsticks (with our sous chef meals)

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Ready to taste the pasture-raised difference?

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TC Farm Is Better

Click the images below to learn what makes our pasture raised chicken better.

  • Lush Green Pasture

    When we say 'pasture raised' it means our animals thrive on actual green pasture.

    You'd think that should be obvious, but apparently for others 'pasture' can just be a factory barn full of straw or patch of dirt.

    Learn more: Green Forage
  • Organic Grains

    Our birds get up to 30% of their diet from the pasture; however, all chickens require some grain.

    I was surprised to learn almost all local small farms are using conventional GMO feed.

    Learn more: Why Organic
  • Slow Growth = Flavor

    Factory style chickens are amazing feats of engineering, growing fast cheap meat. This is the type you'll usually see at even the crunchiest farmer's market.

    Taste the slow growth difference.

    Learn more: Slow Is Best
  • Space to Roam

    Our chickens are actually free to range, wherever they want to go.

    Other local farms claim to be 'free range' because the chickens are uncaged inside of their factory farm, just like every other factory.

    Learn more: Truly Free
  • No Drugs

    Most chickens receive routine antibiotics to compensate for living conditions I'd honestly rather just not know about.

    Yeah...That's not for us.

    Learn more: Just Say No

Meals in a Hurry? Leave the Cooking to Us

Try our Sous Chef Chicken

This is probably my favorite product. I'd highly recommend trying them out.

Great for when you are in a hurry!

To use, simply warm in hot water (to remove from the package) and then crisp them up.

Enjoy with just a touch of finishing salt, add a favorite sauce, or shred them and use them in any recipe that calls for shredded chicken (tacos, curry, chicken salad, and more!)

Be sure to save those bones to make some amazing stock, too!

Read more ideas and see the recipe we use to make it.

Some TC Farm Chicken Recipes